L’Occitane Almond Body Care Collection: A slimmer, firmer silhouette to be revealed

Friday, September 19, 2014

As I teased on Instagram, and I know it's been months I'm using this awesome products. and I guess it's time to tell you guys how I really feel on the brand new formula of L'Occitane en Provence Almond Body Care Collection. In fact, I received it months ago, this firming range features a sweet, delectably mouth-watering scent of Almond milk that envelops skin with a soft, lingering fragrance. With continued use, I'm pretty sure it'll give you the result that you're looking for: skin feels firmer, smoother and silkier.

MILK CONCENTRATE NEW Formula!    |    200ml    |    MYR214       
Enriched with Almond oil and milk, this rich, deliciously fragrant silky cream helps nourish and visibly soften the skin while keeping it hydrated for 48 hours*. The new complex with tightening walnut and Almond extracts helps protect skin elasticity and stimulate cell renewal. Combined with Almond proteins and silicium, it helps to visibly tighten and smooth the skin.

SUPPLE SKIN OIL NEW Formula!      |      100ml      |      MYR187
The Almond-shaped bottle contains a golden elixir that is rapidly absorbed without leaving behind a greasy residue. Consisting of more than 50% Almond oil, it is rich in Omega 6 and comes enriched with silicium and Muscat rose bush oil to help boost skin’s firmness. The dry oil effectively fights against dryness, loss of elasticity and even stretch marks. Hence, it is perfect for pregnant women, both before and after pregnancy.

My Verdict: 

Honestly, I am drooling over their Shower Oil, or I should say, my entire family members are using Shower Oil. However, it's my first time to use their body cream and supple skin oil. 

I have the habit of using body oil and body cream for shaping purposes. One thing I hardly deny that French always produces the best body products with fantastic scent. 

Both Supple Skin Oil and Milk Concentrate are not sticky but it helps to firm my skin. In fact, I'm a bit concerned about my flabby skin and I need to take care of my body skin while dieting at the same time. If you find the Milk Concentrate too heavy, mix in some Supple Skin Oil to lighten the texture and it'll more easy to absorb.

Price wise, it's a lil pricey for me and I really, really use them as little as possible, however they're good enough to make my skin firmed and smooth (indeed!) If budget is not a problem, go ahead!

Don’t just apply Almond bodycare; eat Almonds too!
Eating nuts helps keep your skin glowing and hydrated. Almonds are a ‘superfood’. That means they’re packed with lots of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Incorporate Almonds into your daily eating habits to get the best out of its high nutritional value. Eat whole roasted Almonds as a snack, or add toasted slivers of Almonds to your salads, cereal or yogurt. Vitamin E in Almonds nourishes skin and protects it from UV rays too!

Another range for L'Occitane Almond Body Collection is the Slimming range. It features a light, flowery scent inspired by the freshness of spring. Lose yourself in the green notes of Almond tree buds, delicate touches of Almond flowers and the comforting lingering scent of Almond nuts. Frequent use will reveal defined curves that are free from cellulite.

TONIC BODY OIL     |     100ML     |     MYR198
For the first time ever, an ultra-dry oil for a refreshing anti-cellulite routine. Do away with heavy creams and treat yourself to a sensorial experience. A cocktail of 5 essential oils (immortelle, palmarosa, mint, carrot and cypress), with the addition of pink pepper oil, penetrates quickly to visibly reduce cellulite appearance and reshape the body.

SHAPING DELIGHT     |     200ml     |     MYR205
Ultra-refreshing yet incredibly effective, this melt-on-the-skin gel helps to visibly refine and reshape the silhouette with a powerful concentration of natural ingredients. Resculpt and tone the body’s contours with a patented combination of Almond and rose buds. Tighten skin even further Almond proteins which create a ‘weave effect’ to hold curves in place. After only 1 month, skin is firmer and smoother. The silhouette looks refined and reshaped.


LIGHTER LEGS  |     75ml, MYR86       NEW!
This refreshing cream-gel is the perfect antidote to the heat, with peppermint and camphor essential oil to stimulate microcirculation and refresh tired legs and feet. Tapioca natural powder leaves a velvety finish on the skin, allowing you to dress up immediately without feeling sticky. Enjoy the lingering Almond blossom fragrance to get you in the mood.

SMOOTH HANDS   |     75ml, MYR80      NEW!
Your hands need extra care too. Formulated with softening Almond milk and smoothing Almond proteins, this light hand cream instantly moisturises and beautifies skin. Featuring a delicate Almond blossom fragrance, the hand cream leaves skin feeling baby-soft and velvety.

SHOWER SCRUB     |     200ml, MYR85
This light and silky-smooth jelly softly cleanses and exfoliates with crushed Almond shells and sugar crystals. The addition of Almond oil makes skin suppler. Exfoliate your skin once a week and massage it every day to optimize the effect of slimming care. Exfoliation prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients in skincare products. It helps smooth and enhance the skin to rid it of dead cells. Massaging helps stimulate the skin’s microcirculation and optimizes the effects of the slimming care.

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