Chillax! Taste the French Way of Life with Kronenbourg 1664

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Though it was a big event but nope, it’s just simply name an event so that we have excuses relaxing during happy hour at the best outdoor rooftop destination – Stratosphere @ The Roof. Honestly, this is the least stress event I’ve event attend. Thank you!

So here’s the fact, people really adore how French enjoy their life, they take time to cherish its moments while WE Malaysians working like cow, working at least 40 hours in a week; hence we’ll often neglecting to taste the simple pleasures in life.

"Taste the French Way of Life" is a brand new thematic campaign introduced by Kronenbourg 1664. Its uniqueness is clearly distinguished by its simple yet fun filled anecdotes. The activities in-store are not over the top, hard-hitting or overly intense but takes on a more significant outlook in providing a delightful atmosphere where people can come together and just let loose.

The roof-top barbeque bash was the first of a series of 7 events that Kronenbourg 1664 has put together to bring the ‘French Way of Life’ to its consumers. If you are up for simple pleasures to invigorate, unwind, and satiate that need for enjoyment after a hectic day or week of work, Kronenbourg 1664 invites you to the next six upcoming events. These will then culminate in an ultimate year-end party that is gearing to host city folks with a night of endless fun, simple pleasures and quality moments.

Taste The French Way of Life Upcoming Events:
Darts Night. It’s time to get your game face on!
Movie Night. We promise you’ll be at the edge of your seats
Dining in the Dark. It’s time to get those taste-buds tingling with anticipation
Comedy Night. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine
Food Fest & Art Escapade. The time has come to ignite those senses
Broadway show. Kick-up those heels and sing along because this is going to be a show to remember!
Kronenbourg 1664 Year-End party. It’ll be the most fun you’ll have this year!

For the longest time Malaysians have been putting work and success over taking the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Day after day, the norm in Asia has been an unconditional dedication to the work force without prejudice, but as it seems, the time-off needed every now and then, has not been exerted to its fullest. Fortunately, the No.1 Premium French Beer, Kronenbourg 1664 is putting an end to that belief and giving Malaysians what they truly deserve. Hence I guess we shall take things a lil chillax?

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