A Day Tour at Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

Thursday, September 04, 2014

It was weeks ago that I’ve paid my first visit to Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, thanks to Milk PR, which I’m able to walk along the time capsule of the Royal Selangor story that makes our Malaysian really proud of – a royal pewter maker in our country!

Royal Selangor is founded in Malaysia back in year 1885 by Yong Koon coincide with the development of tin mining in the Malay Peninsula during the 1800s, at the time when our country was the largest producer of tin in the world. And in year 2004, Royal Selangor has built a new visitor centre in Setapak, and the admission is free for everybody including tourists. This year Royal Selangor Visitor Centre celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

The centre is basically divided into three sections: the Gallery, Factory Tour and Retail Stores; and oh ya! Selberan and Comys are the subsidiary company under Royal Selangor as well, which you can buy a high quality jewelleries and accessories.

One of the main highlights during my Royal Selangor day tour is their legendary Lucky Melon Teapot. I am honoured to meet Datin Chen Mun Kuen she told us the story behind this teapot. This melon-shaped teapot has saved Ah Ham’s life during World War II. Ah Ham lucky teapot now resides in Royal Selangor Museum as archival collection.

Of course, you still can get the brand new reproduced lucky melon teapot at the Royal Selangor Retail Store.

Factory Tour
Next, we are lead to visit the RS factory to understand how actually the making of pewter products.

Remember, pewter is made of Pewter is made of 
Tin + Antimony + Copper

Pewters are needed to get through a very strict QC process to ensure the product is in a perfect condition and quality. If you mess it up? Don’t worry, just redo it! 

Processes of making a pewter
Casting, Polishing & Hammering

Knock Knock! School of Hard Knocks
There are chances for visitors to make their hands busy on knocking and shaping their own pewter dish bowl. Plus, I “knocked” my names on! Yay! Syok-sendiri a lil bit cause I feel that I have a good “Kemahiran Hidup” working skills and I did pretty well!

The Foundry
Can’t get enough for only knocking? You can make your personalized pewter accessories! Blogges and I were guided by a pewter expert through the fundamental process of casting, polishing and even customizing your own pewter goods! I’ve picked “The Life of Tree” as my pendant and a free-hand tree for myself!

Overall, I had a fun Saturday morning with bloggers at Royal Selangor Visitor Centre with handful of goodies and my masterpiece! If you wish to pay a visit to know about Royal Selangor’s history, JUST WALK IN, and it’s FREE ADMISSION!

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Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

Address: 4, Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-4145 6122
Email: visitorcentre@royalselangor.com.my
Admission: Free

Opening hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm, daily
(No appointments necessary unless registering for a session at the School of Hard Knocks and The Foundry)

Complimentary guided tour with different languages - English, Malay, Mandarin and Japanese.

For more information about Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, please visit www.royalselangorvisitorcentre.com

The Royal Selangor's Giant Tankard: 2 metres tall weight 1,557kgs and has the capacity of 2,796 litres. It is recognized at the world’s largest pewter tankard recognized by the Guinness World of Records in 2007.
KampungboyCitygal, Evelyn, Ben, Dennis, Kelly, Emira and me!

So, how many bloggers need to step on the scale to beat the giant pewter?

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