Tried and Tested: Marc Jacobs The Siren 210 Style Eye-Con No.7 Eye Shadow Palette

Sunday, August 03, 2014

It’s been a while I haven’t done any proper eye shadow review and I apologized for my busy schedule. Today, let’s get hands on with this colourful eye palette: Marc Jacobs The Siren 210 Style Eye-Con No.7 Eye Shadow Palette. Consist of seven different tones of colours which bring out a very bright and summertime feel and it’s a limited edition palette under Marc Jacobs Beauty Summer 2014 Collection. It’ll make you feels like it’s a rainbow-themed palette and you might think it’ll be hard to paint on, but believe me; it’ll change your mind once you've tried them.

As I mentioned clearly on Instagram, this is my first ever palette that gathers gold, copper and deep teal into the same palette that I've ever seen so far. I’m a huge fan of these three amazing colours and I’m pretty sure I’ll hit the pan. All colours are well pigmented and easy to blend without hard swatches. Each colours able to give you a pop whether by using its own or you play with all seven colours.

From left to right: cloud white pearl, rusty red pearl, copper shimmer, marigold shimmer, sea foam pearl, cobalt pearl, sea smoke glitter pearl.


In the nutshell, it’s a very good eye shadow palette to invest / to use / to collect (it’s a limited edition though). Although it’s a little bit pricey, but it has the quality and I’m drooling over their packaging, chic and classy! Honestly I already had that months ago but it’s still under embargo and I think I should post it up once I've confirmed that they have stocks. For Malaysian and Singapore readers, if you don’t see this palette set up at the display counter, do check with Sephora staff. I was told that the display section hasn't arrived and they’re not able to display it.

Marc Jacobs The Siren 210 Style Eye-Con No.7 Eye Shadow Palette retails at MYR205 / SG$90 / US$59 and it’s available in Sephora stores. Seriously, they’re only available in very, very limited quantities.

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  1. ohh I really love how the colours appeared on your swatches! lucky you to own them :D and heyy, I love this new look on your blog ^_^

  2. Oh gosh, you made me wanna get that palette too... btw love your blog new layout.. * Thumbs up *

    1. Sarah, thank you so much! Better hurry before it's gone if you really want them...