More plump! More water! Laneige Introduces a brand new Water Bank range with Biogene Technology

Friday, August 01, 2014

I believe every one of us (or I shall say most of us) are one of the fallen victims to hundreds of moisturizing products, yet still find yourself dealing with dry skin? Shhh… don’t even mention for dry skin, even oily skin shares the same concern!

Well, it says that Laneige has took over 20 years of water research under its belt, have come up with a moisturizing solution customized for Asian women who experience moisture loss more easily than others – that’s why we have the all-new Water Bank AD!

Yes I know, by the time when most of us are still drooling over its existing Water Bank range, the essence especially, the all-new Water Bank AD, a significant upgrade from its 2013 predecessor, is focused primarily on Asian women’s skin, taking into consideration our climate patterns and heavy use of indoor air-conditioning.

The Souls of the new Water Bank AD
Infused in its innovative formula are the Hydro Ion Mineral Water and the new Biogene Technology, these key elements have generated a breakthrough technology that promotes the self-creation of moisture even in dry conditions.

Hydro Ion Mineral Water
Laneige’s Hydro Ion Mineral Water is ionized water containing minerals and vitamins that promotes skin moisturization. A research was done on 23 types of minerals that exist in our body. Of the 23 minerals, six of them, which include Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium and Sodium were found to be essential for skin moisturizing, aging and whitening. These minerals are then broken down into smaller particles to enhance the absorption rate. Its miniscule size enables the minerals to penetrate through the 20 layers of skin in a deeper and more rapid rate. Once permeated, it activates the moisturization genes. The new Hydro Ion Mineral Water is 8 times more effective in delivering moisture to the skin as compared to the Optimal Mineral Water, which was used in the previous Water Bank range.

Exclusive Biogene Technology – Moisturizing Genes
The new Biogene Technology effectively controls the skin’s water-oil balance. It is produced through the gene-level management and its task is to maintain the moisture balance at an optimum level.

It works to activate the 4 genes (Filaggrin, SASPase, Caspase-14, Lorocrin) that are involved in the creation of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) and the normalization of epidermal cell division which is important for building up a healthy skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier allows the skin to maintain moisturizing power and effectively retain moisture even under extremely dry conditions. This leaves the skin well-moisturized for 24 hours.

I remembered there were a total of 7 products for the previous version of Laneige Water Bank. This time, Laneige has shrinked the Laneige Water Bank AD into 5 distinct products:
Water Bank Essence_EX, Water Bank Gel Cream_EX, Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX, Water Bank Eye Gel and the Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask.

Water Bank Essence_EX, 60ml    |    MYR165
Dubbed as Asia’s No.1 moisture essence, it infuses the skin with rich and abundant moisture as soon as it is applied, rewarding the user with a smooth and moisturized finish all day long. The Hydro Ion Mineral Water present in the essence deeply penetrates 20 layers of skin, thus activating the moisturizing gene which relieves dry skin and repairs skin damage.

Water Bank Gel Cream_EX, 50ml    |    MYR130
A semi-opaque gel-type that spreads on lightly for an instant refreshing and moisturizing effect. Its fast absorption rate and non-sticky finish is perfect for women who long for fresh skin all day long. Preferably for oily to combination skin.

Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX, 50ml,    |    MYR130
A soft moisture cream that spreads onto the skin, creating a strong moisture film that helps to retain moisture for long hours. Upon application, it leaves a soft moisture film that helps to give elasticity to the skin. Similar to the Gel Cream_EX, the moisture cream is also made from a mild formula that makes it suitable for sensitive skin while improving skin redness.

Water Bank Eye Gel, 25ml,    |    MYR130
Made with a cool, refreshing texture, this eye gel replenishes moisture, eliminates puffiness while caring for tired eyes. Its moisturizing and nourishing nature relieves stress and tension, making it a product that is perfect for the eyes.

Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask, 5 each,    |    MYR85
A moisturizing and soothing mask that cools and relieves stress is what you need after a long day of work. Feel the cooling effect of the mask as it melts onto the skin with its semi-opaque hydrogel. It instantly decreases the skin temperature upon application. The mask is perfectly designed to fit to all the curved lines of the face, leaving no gaps in order to evenly deliver activating ingredients to all parts of the face.

“A Moisturizing Genius That works to Revive 4 Dormant Genes, Activating Our Skin’s Ability to Generate and Retain Moisture”

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