Get Obsessed! Pucker Up With Laneige Water Drop Tint

Friday, August 01, 2014

Lips, it tells you stories, an iconic gesture "tool" for ladies to "seduce" men. Paint it differently to show different mood. Our lips tells everything...

A smile is a girl’s best accessory and Laneige is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation in lip products – The Water Drop Tint. Refined with an all new formula, the Water Drop Tint series is set to make heads turn with its glossy, bright and voluminous finish! The new lip series by Laneige is inspired by the desire to create a ‘wet’ effect, making lips look as if they have been coated with water even in dry weather.

The brilliance behind the Water Drop Tint series belongs to its unique formula:
1) Water Fitting Formula
When experiencing dry lips, girls almost always resort to wetting their lips to get that feeling of moisture again. However, doing so only results in lips being even drier than before! With its innovative Water Fitting Formula, Laneige blends a film former, also known as Ethylcellulose, into its lip mix. The film former acts as a highretaining moisturizer that nourishes the lips giving the lips a thin, soft coating effect yet overflowing with moisture!

2) Synergy Glow Effect
To create a glowing and wetting effect, Laneige combines the Water Fitting Formula with ultra-shine silicone oil (low viscosity oil). This oil that blends with the Water Fitting Formula, creates a glow that seems to be seeping from the inside. Each moist stroke is grease-free and refreshing, creating a glossy, bright finish and providing moisture, all at once.

Speaking of its packaging, Laneige Water Drop Tint are designed in a classy white and silver curved square container, featuring a transparent bottom part that allows consumers to view each actual color with ease.

First Touch: Tints, which means non-oily.  It helps to create juicy, moist lips; giving it a wet and shiny effect. It’s pretty light-weighted and leaves my skin free from irritating stickiness. Plus, it’ll enhance the lips and look plumped!

Retails at MYR70, Laneige Water Drop Tint comprise 10 gorgeous shades and they’re available in Laneige counters now.

Neon Pink, Hot Pink, Rose Mauve, Fuchsia Pink, Scarlet Red, Peach Coral, Orchid Violet, Apricot, Raspberry Pink and Camellia Red.

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