MAKE UP FOR EVER Launches 75 pieces of Artisan Brushes in Malaysia

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I believe you guys have heard this from other bloggers and friends, raving about this 75-pc set of brushes from MAKE UP FOR EVER. Sounds a lot, but for me, it’s reasonable. In fact, this collection has launched couple months ago internationally but only officially brought into Malaysia few weeks ago.

“Why brushes? Why must I use brushes? I’m good with using my own fingers.”
Personally, my answer is pretty straightforward: I don’t wanna get my hands dirty, especially when applying liquid foundation. Plus it’s a lil’ unhygienic if we direct apply using our hands – we touch, we feel, we wash and literally we need hands to do everything – I can’t take the risk to damage my face.

I wouldn’t stop you if you want to use your own fingers. However there are still some flaws that fingers can’t do compared to brushes. Brushes ain’t something “unnecessary”, but it’s an extension of the hand that helps you to achieve an optimum, more précised make-up result instead of putting foundation while leaving tons of fingerprints on it.

Erika, Regional Education Manager explains the usage and the importance of brushes
Erika demonstrates the difference between applying make-up using fingers and brushes
Meanwhile, you can control the amount of products and only top up if needed. What if you’re getting grumpy that you can apply a good eye shadow blend using our finger? A brush helps to reach them well, especially when you want to draw inner eye-lid or putting foundation around your nose area!

I’m not sure whether you guys know that using fingers is actually waste more products instead of brushes? Yes, you spent money on brushes that saves up the quantity of your products every time – and you can clean the brushes and reuse million times; vice versa; you use your fingers to apply foundation, eye shadow… and what if you over applied or your left eye shadow looks different with your right eye shadow? Rub it with your finger and redo? Trust me; you’ll be only wasting your time and money.

What makes Dany Sanz and her team took 7 years to create such amazing brushes?
Each brushes are like a “special code”, they’re exclusively pure hand-made by high qualified specialists and every single brush requires 25 different production steps, involving 30 people in each hand-crafted manufacturing process AND each brushes are them submitted to over 50 quality checks before they’re released to the market for sale.

They look like silicon, but they’re not.
MAKE UP FOR EVER brushes are made of 100% of cruelty-free engineered fibers for skin comfort. Dany chose exclusive bi-color fibers for the brush head; black for the tip and deep-red brown on the bottom. Brushes are well-sculpted and well-positioned to ensure that softness and performance of each bristle is maintained.

The handle of the brushes are environmental-friendly with eco-certified beach wood, one of the most resistant and finest woods delivered by the Forest Scholarship Council. Plus, the unique beveled tip is specially designed to collect, mix and adjust make-up texture for convenience, which I truly appreciate for this heart-warming effort to all make-up artists and enthusiasts!

I believe readers who attended my previously-hosted MUFE Workshop love their HD Range. From now until 31st July 2014, simply grab any two items (HD Cream Blush, HD Foundation, HD Translucent Powder), you can take a set of 1 deluxe-sized of Sens’ Eyes and HD Elixir for free, only if you quote my name “Ashley Yeen”.

Price ranges between MYR65 and MYR235, you may get MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush at Sephora Stores nationwide. Full collection of brushes will be only available at MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique, Starhill and Gurney Plaza, Penang.

So, does this change your mind? I really do encourage to use brushes!

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