M.A.C AW14 Trend Presentation by Romero Jennings

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Can't believe what I've seen! I'm super happy that I was invited to be one of the first group to spot  M.A.C Cosmetics AW14 Trend Presentation, featuring Romero Jennings, Director of Make-up Artistry from New York, bring to life the AW14 trends that rocked international runway as it happened in NYC, London, Paris and Milan.

Romero Jennings has over 25 years experience in the make-up industry which includes 17 years experience with M.A.C that includes runway shows and editorial shoot. Romero has brought up a total of FOUR )4) make-up trends and themes for this AW14 make-up trend!

Beauty is Individuality 
This season, make-up has become something of a beautiful paradox: it's about artistry to make something that looks essentially un-cosmetic. Hence, the myriad believable make-ups on the AW14 catwalks:

Subverts classic tones with a dirty edge to become the new neutrals. It's all about adding the mood, not make-up to the face. Their inherent grey-ness and extreme transparency takes them away from looking like evident pigments.

*Romero is holding M.A.C Kelly Obsourne Bloody Brilliant Eye Shadow x4, which expected to be available in Malaysia this August.

Liner now is an ornament, but not an excessive one. Framed with an architectural liner. These eyes add a strength to the face that sits somewhere between glamour and grunge (but, vitally, looks like neither of the two). "Tomboy" and "Though around the eyes"

So whilist reflection this season is not about conceptual minimalism, it is a designed minimalism. Punctuation of shine against matte provide an endless repertoire of plays on light, from neutral metallics through to literal gloss.

We don't talk about "Natural", how about "Real" instead? Because that's what a barer-faced look is really do the talking now. Relevant woman today would probably want the look: the look like she has not tried too hard.

Well, I've tried on the "Streamlined" theme by using my striking blue liquid liner, it really give a pop for my eyes and it look energetic even I don't apply any colors on my eyes, cheek or lips. All I want is a flawless, light-weighted foundation. The entire look seems natural but at least there's a bloom on your face that you actually attracting people - the eyes!

So, do you like the AW14 look?

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