Instagram Updates No.3 - #Selfie

Thursday, July 03, 2014

#Selfie time! I feel happy that my hair grows longer and longer, but somehow I need more hair treatments (my hair literally spoiled after a super harsh hair treatment done by that xxx salon). Seriously I'm still well recalled of that incident and I really felt unfair on how they treated me, ridiculously rude!

Ok, I don't care now... If you followed my Instagram for quite sometime (I mean more than half year), you'll find that I don't post #selfie pics, because my face is growing rounder and flabby (especially my cheek area) and makes me really shy to post, I tak nak kena ejek... Plus my horrible skin condition (pimples and large pores) has strengthen my will not to post them on Instagram =.=

But since I start blogging, what to do now? Jobscope needed? Or a method of "checking-in" certain places to prove that you are there, attending the events? even groupies / we-fies... Instagrammers are start to compare or even hunt for pretty icons via Instagram.

Most of the #Selfie above are in collaboration of product features / review / brand endorsement purpose. I really tried hard to make it less hard-sell...

So.... still #selfie? Follow my Instagram

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