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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Think creatively? What defines creative? Is it something that people couldn't expect or it's unpredictable? Bit how would you develop it? Sometimes I understands that the "inspiration" flows into our brain randomly; but sometimes you can't even squeeze a little bit of ideas even you've brainstormed for couple of hours.... so how to be creative?

In fact, there are steps to trigger your mind of creativity by understanding the situation. Of course it could be easy for someone, but what if the ordinary people like us, like me? Genovasi organizes "Design Thinking Teaser" where they believe creativity and innovation can be trained and cultivated.

Aim to inspire, create and empower a movement of innovators for the betterment of self, environment and the world, Genovasi founded in year 2012 and it is the only Design Thinking School in Malaysia and the leading regional partner for the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) School of Design Thinking at Postdam University, Germany.

The Genovasi Way always focuses on human, innovation happen when these three elements - desirability (human values), viability (business) & feasibility (technology) combined.

There are 5 Steps of Design Thinking Process in order to produce to our final outcome. Each of us was given tasks to complete the mission (steps) in limited time and invent a tool for the subject situation – To Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Situation: Ismail, a formal boxer who suffers from severe and painful arthritis in his writing hand after breaking it during a fight. Invent something to ease Ismail’s injury.

Indeed, empathise is the best way to feel the subject, so you could do something in real by experiencing the inconvenience faced by the subject so that you can seek for solution even faster and more effective. Hence, throw and spill out your ideas as much as you can as there are no limitations to think and develop the ideas (only with limited space as picture seen below. AND PLEASE do not laugh on my ideas =.=

Then you can start developing your final ideas and do a prototype. You need to stay strong enough to receive comments or even critiques so you can improve, or find someone to test out your prototype model so that you can receive honest review. Well, it saves timeframe, money and effort!

It’s really fun having such awesome session with Genovasi! Their  5 Steps of Design Thinking Process really helps a lot on developing ideas!

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