What Went Down at Tiger Translate KL at Kenanga Wholesale City

Monday, June 16, 2014

Do you hear le Tigre roars? Another lifestyle music sensation happened, organized by our Asians’ favourite Tiger Beer! For the first time, there were a total of 5 live-bands and musician from Hong Kong, Taiwan, England and our local favorites to hype the entire Saturday evening! In fact, Tiger Translate was started its culture since year 2005.


It’s pretty early for me to reach there, way much earlier before the sun sets! The party was started at 5pm and I arrived at 6.30pm. Although the crowd is not that much, but it’s getting packed slowly – the night is still young!

The entrance method is similar with FMFA earlier – RFID Tags. Normal passes holders are needed to top up their value while VIP and media were enjoying a preloaded MYR75. Feeling awesome that The Bee was serving burgers and bites that time! and I grabbed myself some nachos with Tiger Radler!

Redeemed our food and beers! (pics via Cindy's Planet)

While enjoying the music, there we some fun activities happening too. For example:

Spraying paints on the giant blue beer bottle

Trampoline jump – it’s me!

Manic Sheep from Taiwan. She really can play well and sing well!

Chochukmo from Hong Kong

The Editors from England

Till then!
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