What Went Down at Glenmorangie Orange Party 2014 at Zouk Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Orange is the new red/pink? As always, it reminds me of Glenmorangie on the rock with a small squeeze of orange. We've celebrated all things ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ at its first Glenmorangie Orange Party of 2014 at Zouk Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago, and I remembered, it was drizzling whole night.

I'm pretty impressed when I was walking to the entrance and we took a 3-D artistic journey throughout the Glenmorangie Distillery, accompanied by a walkabout cask.

Party revelers were entertained by the big room music style of Imma*bleep* YouUp and the beats of Zouk’s Residence DJ as they brought the house down. There were three lucky guests that walked away with a bottle of Glenmorangie The Original each, by dialling the ADA code the most amount of times in three different time slots during the night. Guests who captured their favourite Glenmorangie moments at the Flipet booth were given an animated flip-book of themselves as a keepsake from the party.

Discerning drinkers also indulged in the Glenmorangie Zest Serve – a familiar highlight at Glenmorangie parties that infuses delicious tangerine to complement the notes of vanilla and citrus zest of Glenmorangie The Original.

I'm well enjoyed there. See you soon!

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