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Friday, June 06, 2014

First of all, I would like to thank my readers for supporting my blog. I know my blog-age doesn’t seem so old but I keep up with my passion of writing – to improve my language. Somehow, I received tons of questions from my readers and friends (even my mom and sister) about my blogging lifestyle. I think they deserved some clarification from my side rather than they misunderstand me as the “blogger”.

“Why Blogging? You have plenty of time to do nothing is it?”

I guess you can find the answer HERE
My April 2014 Favorites
“You so syok la, so many beauty stuffs and cool gigs you have… All free ke?”

Sadly, I don’t get sponsored for the stuff that I really love/want and I have to buy them with my hard-earned cash. But, I’ll try other products given too, who knows I might found some dupes and I might spend lesser for the same quality products.

Well, honestly there’s a thing what we called as “give and take”. I’ve encountered plenty of unnecessary press releases or products which I think they don’t suit the relevancy of my blog / neither my lifestyle (means the way I live). Sometimes I need to pick and choose certain events or products that I think I need or want the most. If I “hentam” everything, I’m pretty sure that my blog would become a newspaper more than a personal blog.

“I thought you’ve graduated? You don’t have to work? Are you working with any publications?”

Frankly, I’m still struggling for 3 more months before I officially graduate (thanks to U**R for giving me a miserable life). Here’s my recent status:

Student + Web Content Copyrighter + Self-employed for my Family Business + Blogger + Freelance Writer

(Continued 2nd question) “How do you so many things in 24 hours?”

Two words to answer: “Time arrangement”. I don’t simply waste my time sitting down, lying on my bed and do nothing; but sometimes I do have thoughts on doing that, unfortunately, I just don’t have time…

“Do you purposely get yourself a DSLR for blogging?”

No I don’t. I bought it for my uni assignment (I’m a Broadcasting student and I need to get a compact tools for filming purposes (DSLR can film HD videos!) In fact it’s just an extra credit for quality pictures. I found that I’d be happier to use my new smartphone (iPhone 5S) cause the picture quality is way much lovely and better compared to the DSLR. Mostly I’ll use my smartphone for Instagram shots and some for blogs too.

"In conclusion, I am truly, truly feeling blessed to become a blogger and I’m blessed to meet new blogging friends! That’s part of my blogging facts about my living routine and I’ll post others soon! Feel free to express your thoughts!

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