Overview: Ex on The Beach Season 1 Episode 7

Monday, June 09, 2014

I‘m not sure whether you aware of this show – Ex on the Beach, I was bumped into this reality TV show when I flipped screen on TV during weekends. Can’t seem a lil bit more understand their slang, and I’ve googled it to find out what’s the main theme of the show, which you can be found HERE

I was watching Episode 7 and I’m kinda lucky that I was watching the entire climax of the show, Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio’s fire-fight.

For those who watched Geordie Shore previously will sure remember Vicky’s painful breakup with ex-fiancé and co-star Ricci. First meet? Vicky completely freaked out, splashed water on Ricci and asked him to leave. I believe we can feel her pain when she cried right after putting wrath towards Ricci.

I'v noticed that everyone’s looking messages from a phone tablet (firstly I thought it was somebody’s phone), but it’s actually “The Tablet of Terror” – assigning and arranging all the casts in the room for certain tasks or meet new “members” / exes!

I found myself not much interest on this reality TV perhaps I don’t really like meeting exes – duh it’s painful! Angers and sorrows will be triggered once you meet them again and here goes the flashbacks. Somehow, it’ll be really fun for those people who got over these painful moments and treat these as an experience, or just simply making fun of them. For me, there’s no way back to my exes.

Plus, I do enjoy watching TV dramas like Gossip Girl, Glee, CSI, Vampire Diaries; even reality TV shows like The Amazing Race and Fear Factor, but NOT this one. Called out to gather by the beach and see whose ex coming up next, walking up from by the beach, focusing their hot bodies with an extreme slo-mo sequence. (Am I watching Baywatch?)... it's just *rolling eyes + speechless*

In conclusion, I only love their bodies, not their "love stories". This series just make our holy love sounds cheap. 

Ex on the Beach airs every Sunday at 10pm (Malaysia time) on MTV Channel.

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