Just Blahs: Will you keep the packaging of your purchased beauty products?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

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I’m pretty sure you guys have been noticing my Facebook status about this question, and I received a couple of feedbacks too. Well here’s the thing, I believe most of us are attracted by its packaging instead of its product function right? So, ask yourself, will you toss it once purchased or once you start using them?

Well, I do keep the packaging of my purchased products until I finished them. There are a few reasons why: -

My house is like a “dust collector” – Fully exposed to the environment and my house is a studio-apartment thingy (air flows well only if I keep my window and balcony doors opened). Plus, I really hate the moment when I do my cleaning routine; it’s really pissing me off when I need to actually wipe them off one by one.

Protection – Agree?

Labeling and referencing“Opps? What brand is this? Where do I get this from? How does it work?” Somehow I do need to keep the packaging for reference purposes as I noticed most of the beauty products itself doesn’t print any usage instructions or guidelines or ingredients on the product tube itself.

Simply pretty – That’s it! It’ll be too pretty to toss even though you've finished the products, especially the limited edition beauty stuff... (Do you have a few in mind now?) 

Categorized“This is the new one; that’s the old one” I do have a habit on purchase my frequent-used beaut products in bulk orders, especially eyeliners. There’s manufacturing / expiring date written on the packaging, so it’s pretty easy to remind me which one I should open next after I finish using the recent one.

Product shoot – Sorry, blogger’s habit. I have to.

picture source: http://kerryould.typepad.com/kerry_ould/2009/02/moo-cards.html

So, what’s your say? Do you agree with me? Or share with me if you have other funky reasons ;)

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