Beauty Buzz: NARS Introduces Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Collection

Friday, June 20, 2014

While we're still drooling over it's awesome Summer Collection, I received a newsletter from NARS that they're now launched a brand new range of eye shadows, which applicable on wet / dry eye make-up!

Acts like cream shadow when it's wet, or as normal as powder shadow! NARS Dual-Intensity Eye Shadow Collection has dual application formula:-
Dry - for sheer finish
Wet - for luminous sheen using a damped brush.

Get yourself well-transformed with its 12 outstanding colors, either be natural chic daily look, or gone wild with bold colors! The packaging for this collection is slightly different than the existing mono eye shadows and it's squarish!

Shades are:

Andromeda - Alabaster
Callisto - Icy Pink Silver
Cassiopeia - Iridescent electric pink

Desdemona - Rich Shimmering Burgundy
Dione - Metallic Champagne Beige
Europa - Gossamer Pink Peach

Giove - Navy

Himalia - Shimmering Topaz 
Lysithea - Shark Grey
Phoebe - Deep Shimmering Amethyst
Subra - Black Orchid
Sycorax - Black

Meanwhile, NARS also introduces it's Wet/Dry Brushes #49 to be well-paired with this Dual-Intensity Eye Shadow Collection.

Price in the US is $29USD for eyeshadow and $28USD for Wet/Dry Brush, but I'm not sure when will it be available in Asian countries, probably in August or September, predicted price to be around MYR100 - MYR110.

I'm pretty excited for this collection, are you?

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