[Tried and Tested] Melvita Huile d’ Argan

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Probably this takes the longest time for me to write. I’ve been looking for different brands of Argan Oil and this gorgeous beauty essential has been raving among public for a while now.

From what I’ve Googled, Argan oil (also known as “liquid gold”) is extracted from the kennels of the Argan tree in Morocco. It consist a high value of vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids including Omega-6 and Omega-9, and sterols. Argan Oil has an extraordinary power of regenerating, protective and anti-aging properties; traditionally, it used for massaging joints for nail and hair care.

Been receiving Melvita Huile d’ Argan months ago and I couldn’t able to actually experience it until now. I’m always concern about my frizzy hair-ends and it really works well on balancing my hair flow – rather it’s messy and makes me look untidy.

How about nails and cuticles? Yes, once again it performs well on my cracked nails too. I used this twice a week, sparing myself a five to ten minutes and massage until it’s fully absorbed. Don’t worry babes, it’s not sticky and irritating, it smooths my skin perhaps.

I was told to pair it with Melvita’s Floral Water for a better and deeper penetration into our skin with beauty oils. Yes, it refreshes my skin and I found Argan Oil works incredibly well on scar marks. Probably you might think that I’ll be too crazy (or generous) for using beauty oils on my legs but remember my legs were scalded by hot water months ago? I actually tried them on my legs for a month and it starts fading off! In fact, my skin is smoother than before.

For price wise, I don’t feel it’s expensive because I know how hard to get those precious oils, and it’s 100% organic. Retails at MYR138, you may get them at any Melvita outlets!

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