RMK Summer Collection 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RMK make-up is set to cheer your Summer with new eye shadows and cheek colors. Supplied in a transparent case, the shades are easier to see and to use. Koari wants you to relax and enjoy your making-up, with no hassles. Have fun to the max with your summer makeup using the new products, the fruit of Kaori’s passion!

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N   |   MYR81
24 shades (incl. 5 Limited Edition)
A complete makeover of RMK’s standard single shade eye shadows in a total of 24 summery shades, including limited editions – colours so exciting you just can’t wait to try them out! We guarantee the colour you see in the case is just what you’ll see on your face. Just the right amount of a pearly shine has been carefully selected for each shade and even the vivid colours achieve a smooth, natural finish on your eyelids. What is more, they come in a frosted case that lets you find the colour you need straight away.

RMK Ingenious Eye Shadow Base   |   MYR74
The base brightens the eyelid, counteracting any dullness, and helps bring out the beautiful colour of the eye shadow. The o -white with touch of yellow powder is easily worked into the eyelid to eliminate any dull areas around the eyes. This simple preliminary process will bring out the true colour of the eye shadow when applied, greatly enhancing the finish. This latest innovation from RMK is the answer to women everywhere who want to know that the colour they see in the case is what they will see when they look in the mirror. (bottom right)

RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N   |   MYR111
15 shades (incl. 3 Limited Edition)
RMK’s original Powder Cheeks has had a makeover. Still blending perfectly into the skin, it now also brings a pure vibrant colour to your cheeks. With no loss of the elegant pearly shine, our popular pink and coral shades have grown even richer. A total of 15 shades, including some playful limited editions, all easy to apply! Use them singly or mix ‘n’ match. They give you the RMK signature look: bright and lively glowing cheeks. Cute or sexy, its your choice!

RMK Gloss Lips N   |   MYR78
2 Limited Edition Shades
Two limited edition shades of sexy lip gloss, indispensable for the summer. A dewy light texture adds delicate lustre to a light-coloured clear base. With the gloss applied, your lips will appear full and juicy like summer fruit, subtly glimmering with reflected light. Pale Pink Beige veils with an elegant feminine lustre; Gold Beige gives a healthy look with its sumptuous shine. For this summer only, enjoy bewitching lips.

RMK Nail Color EX   |   MYR65
3 Limited Edition Shades
This summer’s fingertips are a cool mature pastel. Limited edition Nail Color shades make the most of the crystalline colours and clearness, achieved by muting the pearly shine. Lilac makes your hand gestures look appealing and elegant. Pale Blue has the cool look of sherbet. Pale Grey is subtle yet filled with individuality. These clear yet slightly smoky colours give your nails an aura of sophistication and maturity.

RMK Customize Case A   |   MYR37
Create your own combination of new-product shades, such as Ingenious Powder Eyes N, Ingenious Eye shadow Base and Ingenious Powder Cheeks N using the Customize Case A. Magnets make it easy to add the colours you like to create your very own pallet. Three different combinations are possible: 4 eye shadows, 2 eye shadows and 1 cheek colour; or 2 cheek colours.

RMK Original Brush Set 2014   |   MYR67
Limited Edition
This limited edition mini brush set is a must for applying everyday makeup. A portable cheek brush, eye shadow brush, and sponge-tipped eye shadow applicator come in a stylish original case. The Customize Case A, available separately, is a perfect fit, making it possible to carry essentials around smartly.

- - - - - 

Artists at RMK have laboured long and hard to create a brush that produces a professional finish without the need of specialist techniques. The Eye Shadow Brush and Liner Brush have been reinvented, so that now anyone can achieve professional - quality makeup using these them.

RMK Eye Shadow Brush A   |   MYR96
Recommended for making gradations and applying colours evenly, and to long-lasting effect, over the whole area of your eye. Made from horsehair.

RMK Eye Shadow Brush B   |   MYR96
With its luxuriant goat hair, it is great for gently smudging colours. Create a natural look quickly. Made from 100% top quality goat hair.

RMK Eye Shadow Brush C   |   MYR96
Carefully shaped and well rounded, it allows you to blend eye shadow in evenly. Also suitable for use around the nose. Made from 100% top quality goat hair.

RMK Eye Shadow Brush D   |   MYR74
The brush-head is easily swapped for the applicator tip or another brush (available separately). Made from horsehair.
- RMK Eye Shadow Brush S/M (Refill) 3 pcs   |   MYR22
- RMK Creamy Eye Shadow Brush (Refill) 2pcs   |   MYR22

RMK Eye Shadow Brush E   |   MYR96
Soft-haired, small and easily portable, this brush is recommended for applying accent colours. Made from fine squirrel and raccoon hair.

RMK Eye Shadow Brush F   |   MYR96
The shape of this brush makes designing eye makeup easy. It can be used for powder or cream eye shadows.

RMK Liner Brush A   |   MYR93
The rounded corners of this brush make it easy to smudge eyeliner.

RMK Liner Brush B   |   MYR96

The brush tip is cut at an angle, making it good for filling in gaps between eyelashes, and also for drawing sharp lines. Can also be used as an eyebrow brush.

*prices listed above may vary. kindly check the RMK counters (Parkson Pavilion, Isetan KLCC and Isetan The Gardens)

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