Quick Review: CS 12, Another Great Salon Products in Town

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Formulated from Germany, CS12 (C-S-one-two) is a range of professional skin care products which mostly concentrate on skin radiance and anti-aging; helps to maintain and slowdown from aging process.

Although they don’t have much information about this new brand, I was personally invited by a beautician when I was in Penang last month for review. I was given a few products to try for a month and guess what, my skin’s sensitivity has well improved.

CS12 recently has a few ranges: Whitening/Radiance, Sensitive and Normal.

From L-R
Hydro Milk, Milk Cleanser, Refreshing Cleansing Gel, Hydro Serum, Infinity Aqua Essence, Active Night Serum, Infinity Aqua Mask.

What makes me happy is that CS12 has cleansing milk! I've been searching for good cleansing milk for quite some time and this one is definitely suit my needs.

Cleansing Milk (MYR198/48USD/SG$65) – Preferably for normal or dry skin. It helps to cleanse your skin effectively without drying, plump up and “doink, doink”

Hydro Milk (MYR198/48USD/SG$65) – Something different from cleansing oil, this cleansing milk enables to remove your make-up and pollutants. It contains Vitamin C and Wheat Germ to help battle against free radicals.

Refreshing Cleansing Gel (MYR198/48USD/SG$65) - Recommended for those who have oily skin. I know that some of you might not fancy foam cleanser and this one might suits you well. Cleanse off pollutants effectively without drying your skin =) It has a scent of Aloe Vera which helps to soothe redness and less harsh on your skin.

That’s all the recent products that I can comment on right now as the rest of them I still need some time to feel it. Currently I only can find this product in Penang area only. I guess it’ll expand to KL pretty soon. 

More information you may find them on Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/CS12Malaysia
Website: www.cs12skincare.com

**Update** CS12 is current repackaged and presented in new face.

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