[Tried and Tested] Playtex® Tampons: Convenient Protection, Anytime, Anywhere

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Okay, this is a little bit shy shy here** no men allowed!

Ladies, I was wondering women nowadays whether you're having the same concern with me: feeling uncomfortable on certain period of time and it makes you lazy or don't even feel like doing anything? But, how about me? I have an active lifestyle, rush here for class, rush there for events.
Or I shall say that: Apparently, I'm literally rushing for my whole life.

What if this happens during Auntie Flow's visit? Hardly imagine.. So, I was recommended by a friend of mine to use tampons instead of sanitary pads - Playtex®

I gave myself a huge courage to try them on (when my period days almost ends). If you've never used a tampon before (like me), it may seem uncomfortable at first but they come with detailed instructions. Playtex® comes with a smooth plastic applicator to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

Playtex® is also available in three different capacities – Regular, Super and Super Plus – to choose from, depending on your menstrual flow, with a triple layer design that provides 360º protection.

Playtex® Gentle Glide 360º - Regular
Playtex® Gentle Glide 360º - Super
Indeed, it is perfect for women who have an active lifestyle. Well, sometimes it's seems trouble some for me and it'll make me off to washroom less frequent during that week. PLEASE DON'T DO WHAT I DO -
Tampons need to be replaced regularly – as they don’t get bulky or heavy when full, it’s easy to forget just how long it’s been since last change, and tampons that are saturated (soaked to capacity) can still leak.

For more information about Playtex® tampons, log on to http://www.playtexplayon.com

*products given are sponsored, not paid.

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