The Heineken Color Series Club Bottle Party at Zouk, KL

Friday, April 11, 2014

Saw it on Heineken Thirst last year? Plus I do post about this last December too! Following its exciting unveiling during Milan Design Week 2013 and its Malaysian debut at Heineken Thirst, the exclusive and limited edition Heineken Club Bottle continues to redefine the after-dark drinking experience with the Heineken Color Series this March and April.

Designed by Matt W. Moore, the bottle features the designer’s inimitable vector-funk style and is influenced by the mesmerizing origami theme showcased during the Milan Design Week. Under natural light in its understated beauty, the aluminium bottle bears a frosted geometric pattern and signature green star; as you enter the club, the dark indigo glow of the UV light unveils the magic of the bottle that comes to life as it illuminates into a fluorescent blue & green design

Normal on day, Strikes at night!
In normal daylight the aluminium Heineken Club Bottle features a frosted geometric pattern framing a signature green star. After dark, under ultraviolet (UV) light a new story emerges. A new personality of startling fluorescent greens and blues shines through, vividly lighting up the club space to reveal a stunning piece of hand-held art. Trust me, the bottle is really light compared to the normal ones!

The ambiance at Zouk KL that night, all UV! 

The Heineken Color Series will bring together music, fashion and design in an unforgettable Heineken Club Bottle experience.Once again, Heineken works to push limits and boundaries to proudly serve you the most innovative and progressive new music experiences.

I was invited to drink in style, to experience the UV magic of the Heineken Club bottle at my all time favorite club, Zouk Main-room, KL last month and was well served, drinking with Heineken Color Series bottle! Even myself also can't stop posing with these bottles!

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**all photos shot with my watermark are using smartphones only.

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