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Monday, April 14, 2014

I believe many people out there especially people like me, exploring life or maybe spend a 3 to 4 years hectic study life out from your home sweet home. As I’m pursuing Degree in Broadcasting, I always find difficulties to have my own me time to enjoy watching TV at home. The only thing I could do is, sticking my eyes in front of my computer screen.

Recently I’ve watched a movie named “The Best and The Brightest”, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Sommerville. It is a 2010 American independent film, directed by Josh Shelov, the film stars Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Somerville as Jeff and Sam respectively, a young couple that moves into New York City. The film centers on the effort they have to put in to get their five-year-old daughter Beatrice (Amelia Talbot) into an elite private kindergarten.

I’m pretty impressed with the movie as it shows the efforts on what a family tried to do their best to give their children the best education. The only part that I dislike about this film is the exaggeration of the education status for kids in America.
The movie doesn't screen in public in Malaysia, but I watched it through Bento Live. Well I’m not sure whether you guys have heard of Bento Live lately, but I've got myself experiencing it after I heard a pretty catchy radio ad.

Till then, I’m jaw-dropping… browsing tons of movies available in Bento for FREE (yes, it’s FREE). Bento Live is a Malaysia’s legal online streaming websites that is also available on the Samsung Smart TV and Samsung Mobile Devices that allows netizens to surf and watch unlimited complimentary movies online (I’m pretty impressed and finally there’s effort to combat illegal streaming websites.)

Bento Live offers varieties of movie, documentaries, TV series, Anime and even Kids sections!  It provides trailer of the uploaded movies on Bento Lounge section, you may browse them one by one before you pick your favorite movie to watch by watching them first. All you need to deal with this is to watching a short advertisement before your selected clip runs and buffered.

All the videos are offered in both Standard Quality and High Definition Quality with English and Malay subtitles. Don’t worry, more language options will be added soon.

Well I guess, I’m stucked into this and I’ll never get back anymore…

Recently, I’ve visited to Bento Live office and I’m pretty shocked when I saw a huge Bento Live app on a 75” Samsung Smart TV. The quality on the HD quality is flawless, unpixelized and it’s only available on the Samsung Smart TV. The only thing you need to do is to connect your Samsung Smart TV with your home WiFi.

If you own Samsung Devices or Samsung Smart TV, you can download Bento live Android app at RM6.50 one time Samsung Smart TV only but is free if you own a Samsung mobile device and download through the Samsung app store.

75" Samsung Smart TV!! HUGE!!

Now, wanna win yourself a Samsung 40” Smart TV? Bento Live is giving away 2x Samsung 40” Smart TVs once a month, and all you have to do is to “Describe, Share and Win”!

Easy peasy,
i.                     Register an account on
ii.                   Like the Bento Live facebook page (
iii.                  Share the contest post
iv.                 Reply on contest post of your favourite movie

I’ve done my application, have you? Cause I want a bigger TV!! For more information on Bento Live and Contest, kindly logon to

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