Etude House Introduces New Trend of “Cushion Make-Up”

Friday, April 25, 2014

Everything is in pastel now! I’m always amazed with Etude House’s toys as I love their sweet and chic boutique designs and of course their products. I found that it’s really hard to compete with other similar brands from Korea, but I still believe there’s something that makes Etude House stands out – the new MAGIC Any Cushion

Finally I have chances to get in touch with BB Cushion! **super exciting and YES, although Korea is not the first BB Cream inventors but BB Cushion is purely formulated from Korea!

Magic Any Cushion Spokesperson - Sulli!
Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion is a revolutionary cushion-type color cushion that is inside the portable compact holding the liquid base which is fresh and smooth. It delivers quick and easy tone up for every different skin tone, perfect fitting for a bright and flawless look, creating the skin to become smooth and moist.

The 3 color of your choice:
Magic Pink’ smooth out the pale skin into healthy and vibrant skin
Magic Mint’ hides the blemish and minimizes redness into toned up smooth skin
Magic Peach’ brightens up the skin into natural toned up skin

Besides, Magic Any Cushion also holds pearl mineral powder, whitening Arbutin for clear and toned up skin and wrinkle free Adrenosine ingredient for firm and healthy skin. The moisture lock technique helps the skin to have moisture all day long.

Retails at MYR119.90, you can grab them now at Etude House boutiques nationwide!

Let our skin get "cushioned"! 
Have you tried the new Magic Any Cushion already?

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