An Exclusive Preview of XES Signature: The Zodiac Collection

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Widely spread nationwide with more than 80 outlets, XES footwear is now launching a brand new label to bring up high-end and classy look, the XES Signature. The Zodiac Series is the first collection in conjunction with Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2014.

I'm glad that I was invited to be the first of the group to spot the full collection! Each zodiac's has its own personality and characteristic that makes the shoes so special. Believe me, I'm very impressed and hands up with their designs, or I shall say, it's "CHUN"

From Aries to Aquarius, which one represents you?

Aries. A typical trendsetter and an individualistic person with unlimited courage and bravery. 
Gemini. Loves to live in the center of attraction!
Models are showcasing Aquarius and Capricorn series.
My pick of the day: Sagittarius!

So tell me which one are you? Does these collections fits your personality?

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