UBER KL: I Love Riding in Style! + Free Credits

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yes, people who know me well that I don't drive in KL, or I shall say that I don't have car in KL. People who don't know me might think of / asking me these questions:

"Why this Ashley loves to hop on people's car for free rides?"
"Ashley, you don't drive?"
"You attend events by public transport?"
"Why you're carrying so many stuffs? Where is your car?"

My family have nice cars, I just don't really want to drive in KL. Somehow, this has become a habit for me to like "taking-me-to-somewhere-and-I-don't-have-to-find-parking-slot". I mean, it's really convenient to hire a budget cab, but still there are flaws: haggling taxi fare and safety purposes.

UBER is firstly launched in June 2010 at San Francisco and expanded to over 20 urban cities around the world in two years’ time. Then, UBER entered the Asian market in February 2013 in Singapore and made its way to Kuala Lumpur in late October 2013.

Why I say it’s different from the ordinary taxis in town?

1. No cash transactions involved + no midnight surcharge
You don't have to headache of negotiating with some local drivers who don't follow the taxi meter, especially you're hiring taxis in certain hot-spots like nightclubs, making you paying a fortune to your next destination. Believe me, I've experienced alot~! All fares will be charged under your credit / debit cards given during registration.

2. Safety
I been once dragged to somewhere else that convenient the driver, also another one the local taxi driver was taking me to a merry-go-round and charged me alot, giving excuses that this road very jam larh, that road how larh... But with UBER, every vehicle will be tracked and monitored by UBER control office to make sure where you are with proper routes. Plus you can check your driver's ETA using smartphones app. Drivers will call you for confirmation once you're requested black cars.

3. Friendly driver
Hmm, I'm not sure whether I'm lucky or not, I've met two Chinese uncle who are really friendly and talkative, as in having interactions with the clients. I'm not sure people who like this or not but I love talking, especially when I met drivers who came from my hometown, Penang! 

4. Cool cars
Tried four times for UBER: Mercedes Benz once, Toyota Camry twice, Nissan Serena once. 
Maybe I'm kinda "syok sendiri", I've noticed people who don't aware about UBER thingy, they were looking at me getting down from the car in public spots, shopping mall for instance. I feel awesome!

My third UBER ride, Toyota Camry!

iPad mini and GPS is well set up for monitoring purposes.
Okay I'm done syok sendiri.. Wanna ride in style with UBER? I'm giving out RM30 free credits to all my readers! All you have to do is to download the mobile application (available for all smartphone devices). Key in your details and my exclusive promotion code to earn RM30 credits for your first ride:


* promo code is only available for first time user.
* Uber X: Base Fare (RM 1.50) Time (RM 0.20/min) Distance (RM 0.55/km)
* Uber Black: Base Fare (RM 3.00) Time (RM 0.35/min) Distance (RM 1.15/km)

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  1. Rates have dropped:

    * Uber X: Base Fare (RM 1.50) Time (RM 0.20/min) Distance (RM 0.55/km)
    * Uber Black: Base Fare (RM 3.00) Time (RM 0.35/min) Distance (RM 1.15/km)
    * AVAILABLE 24/7

    Now you get free RM30 worth of rides on new rate when you sign up. Enter the following promo code in your uber app when signing up:

    Promocode: UBERFREEKL

    For further details kindly visit www.uber.com

    You can also directly sign up & download app from: https://www.uber.com/invite/uberfreekl