[Tried and Tested] TheFaceShop Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream

Friday, March 28, 2014

Do you think you have sensitive skin like me, hanging around and looking for something mild and light skin care range? For me I’ll become really picky when it comes to skin care. Somehow, I’ve always putting myself (my face) at a high risk to try out some new skin care or make-up products – even though I disclaimed that I have oily combination + sensitive skin.

I received this product just right in time when I’m running out of moisturizer, and now I found my new love – TheFaceShop Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream.

Calming Seed is the newest natural skincare from THEFACESHOP that literally calms your skin with its 95% of ingredients being natural. It is perfect for those who have been looking for the magical skincare that brings calmness on their skin. As natural as it can be, the skincare line is free from 10 artificial and synthetic additives including mineral oil and sulphate.

Products available for TheFaceShop Calming Seed Skin Care Range:-
- Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser
- Calming Seed 1 Second Mist Toner
- Calming Seed SOS Care Essence
- Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream

Heard of Tamanu Seed?
Also known as the “God’s Gift”, Tamanu Seed extracts has been used for thousands of years as a folk remedy by the Polynesian women to protect their skin from the hot sun and sea breeze. Along with Tamanu Seed, ‘Glycyrrhizin’, an active ingredient also contributes hugely on calming skin.

I’ve tried out TheFaceShop’s Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream for a month. First touch? Smells naturally lovely and the texture of the cream are not sticky. Fast absorbing into my skin (or maybe my skin is dehydrated) and you have no worries to apply them several times.

As you can see, it looks oily at first, but when it blends into your skin, it feels like you're applying gel emulsion.
I believe sensitive skin is really irritating and it can somehow trigger our naughty fingernails to scratch our skin until it becomes red and itchy. Do apply some on the targeted area, I found it soothes and reduces redness pretty fast. =)

Ratings? There's no ratings for this products.I just love it.

Those who need to call SOS on your sensitive skin; you may get some sample sachets from any TheFaceShop stores near you to try!

**products given for review only, not paid.

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