[Tried and Tested] Mentholatum's Water Lip Tinted Lipbalm

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lip balms, to protect and keep your sexy lips stay moisture for a long period. But some of us has a pair of unpleasant lips unfortunately, even myself would become picky when it comes to choose the right ones.

Hence, tinted lip balm is fast gaining popularity as an alternative to lipsticks especially during days when heavy makeup is not required, to achieve moisturizing and contains subtle pigments that enhances the lips’ natural colour for healthier looking lips. and I know I do have one in few months back (it's tinted of course, but the product is claimed as lip cushion)

Imported directly from Japan, Mentholatum’s new Limited Edition Water Lip Tinted Lip balm is formulated with awesome hydrating ingredients that offer only the best for lip care needs in affordable prices!

Key ingredients
- Up to three types of Hyaluronic Acid include in this lip balm (Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Hyaluronic Acid & Super Hyaluronic Acid)
- Aloe Vera extracts – soothing and moisturizing
- Collagen – to increase plumpness of the lips
- Honey – to form a protective barrier and restore the lip condition

This Limited Edition Water Lip Tinted Lip balm also comes with SPF 20 PA++, which protects lips from the UV rays of the sun.

I’m quite fear on putting lip products because I might bite / chew them off. Certain lip balm irritates my lips too and I can easily justify it within half an hour. I've tried putting on my lips for more than 4 hours, I can feel the smoothness and my lips looks plump and well-hydrated. I would love to recommend to my friends and you may replaced with the ordinary lip gloss.

Retails at RM13.90 each, Mentholatum Water Lip Tinted Lip Balm is now available at all Watsons stores in Malaysia with three tinted colour: Milky Pink, Raspberry Red and Rosy Pink.

**products are given for review only.

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