The Jewel of The Arctic by Bonnie Yap

Monday, March 03, 2014

I always meet her in media events. First thoughts? She looks fierce. But when she starts talking, that's how her sense of profession on photography comes in. She always choreographing models or clients to pose in front of her camera - that's not "bossy", she guides on how to pose well and it saves lots of time. Although I don't talk much to her, but I know she's friendly.

This first and solo photography exhibition by local photographer, Bonnie Yap is inspired by her first trip to the Arctic. This exhibition translates her 18-day experience traveling through the northern hemisphere. Capturing icebergs, mountain glaciers and wildlife which reflect some of Mother Nature’s amazing work, this exhibition hopes to remind us, just how fragile the environment is. 

Come and be awed by the mesmerizing landscapes and wildlife of the northern hemisphere captured through the lens of local photographer Bonnie Yap, in a charity photo exhibition. Held in conjunction with Earth Hour 2014, the exhibition is to raise awareness on global warming.

Open to the public from 1st to 31st March 2014, at Ground Floor Lobby of Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. All photographs and merchandise sold during the exhibition period will be channeled towards children who are in need of financial aid for urgent medical procedures and treatment at Assunta Hopital.

So, where will be the next destination? Bonnie Yap's next goal is to visit Antarctica in year 2015 and hopes to host her second solo exhibition in the following year.

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