The Body Shop Malaysia Celebrates it's 30th Anniversary

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Body Shop Malaysia turns 30! In conjunction with 30th Anniversary in Malaysia, The Body Shop wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day differently. For some time now we have become increasingly concerned with the power of so-called ‘reality’ shows and its’ growing influence with girls and young women. They encourage a growing obsession with celebrities who are often famous for nothing but behaving badly and rudely in public, for selfishly over-the-top consumption, for a narrow minded view of beauty, for the single-minded pursuit of wealth over any other value.

This campaign resonates with TBS' core value of “Activate Self Esteem” which has always been at the heart of what we do. Although people do love make-up, perfumes and moisturizers, but still TBS believes they are a way to celebrate our differences, personality and individuality, not to conform to fixed ideas of beauty.

Therefore, with this campaign, TBS wants to redefine what society considers as beautiful and encourage people to celebrate women of substance who are made up of qualities worth pursuing – Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, Ivy Josiah and Zainah Anwar.

Not only to celebrate the International Women's Day, but please do join in de-bunking the stereotype of what beauty really is. Capital FM will be airing Public Service Announcements from these key opinion leaders as part of their programming.

All women and men are encouraged to celebrate International Women’s Day by sharing what it means to Be More Than Beautiful via Facebook or Twitter #bemorethanbeautiful. In return, The Body Shop will send an e-shopping voucher to all respondents. Help expand the definition of beauty, debunk the myths and create new metrics when talking about what it takes to be beautiful.

Besides, The Body Shop has selected and showcased their TOP 30 Favorite Products! What's mine? Check out my Instagram @ashleyyeen to find out soon!

Visit The Body Shop's Be More Than Beautiful Website to find out more about the campaign and our celebrities or watch the official video here

Do you like any of their Top 30 picks? Tell us how do you celebrate your International Women's Day this Saturday.

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