[Quick Review] Rilax ZZZ + Sleep Mob Event Announcement

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Trouble sleeping? Perhaps you’re over-stressed during day time with tons of works and problems… it might be one of the reasons you can’t sleep well. You'll receive tons of jealously if you're telling anyone that you can sleep well at night, because this is the only activity that people nowadays are dying for!

Sleep is the state of natural rest, which refreshes the body and the brain. Good sleep is essential for your good health and wellbeing. When you feel rested and energized, you wake up in the morning feeling ready to meet your day with enough get-up-and-go to keep you going all day and all night. Not feeling tried, sluggish, or drained.

Rilax Zzz is a natural sleep supplement. It is not a drug and it is non-sedative, safe to consume. It is also the #1 Best Selling Sleep Supplement here in Malaysia that has helped so many people to sleep well and wake up fresh the next day. It is suitable for anyone looking for a safe and natural way to get a restful night’s sleep without unpleasant after-effects.
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 Recommended Dosage
For better sleep, take 1-2 capsules, one hour before bedtime.
Being a natural functional food product, some people may need to take 1-2 capsules for at least 2 weeks in order for Rilax to begin regulating their sleep quality.

Sometimes I do have the same situation. Either my body is physically tired but my eyes are widely opened; or the time I meant to sleep buy my brain can’t stop working. I took 1 capsule on that night and I can sleep like a dead people… Ha ha ha

Been tried out for several days, on and off and there’s no side effects or internal reaction on my body and I’m still able to get well involved on my daily routine.

Alright, Rilax ZZZ has something fun now! In celebration of World Sleep Day 2014, Rilax Zzz is organizing a simple walk around the mall and a short, really short, public nap in One Utama to promote Healthy and Restful sleep. We would like to invite YOU, young or old, to come join us, to raise awareness and to have a time of great fun! 

Day: March 16 2014 (Sunday) 
Time: 1.30pm - 5.30pm. 
Venue: 1Utama Shopping Mall 
Register by March 12 or when it is full (whichever comes first)

What to bring?
Sleepwear, teddy bears, fluffy dolls, bolsters, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags... and what ever you hug while sleeping...

If you wish to be involved, register by emailing to rilaxzzz@gmail.com 
If you are an individual, submit your Full Name, HP number & I/C number. If you are in a group, compile and submit each participant’s full name, HP number, I/C number and email address. Please specify Group Leader.

For more information, kindly click on this event page.

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