[Quick Review] Mary Kay Bronzing Powder & Highlighting Powder

Monday, March 03, 2014

Fresh out from the oven 2 weeks ago. Mary Kay launches their latest addition of Bronzing and & Highlighting Powder. These two new products have silky, smooth-feeling formula that promises to create a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow for all skin tone and leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

As for Highlighting Powder, it is made with light-perfecting technology so you can add natural-looking highlights almost everywhere on your skin, even shoulders or decollete. Mary Kay's Bronzing Powder comes with two shades: Light Medium & Medium Dark.

I did some swatches on my hand and tried on my face but the colours are quite hard to show differences/results on my face through photo. So I'll just attached with the product and swatches.

First Touch:
Indeed, the texture for both highlighting powder and bronzing powder are smooth and pigmented. You don't have to reapply several times as it tends to give you a natural touch for face contouring purposes.
I've used to and I love applying highlighting powders on my cheekbones area, brow-bone area and also my nose (the common one). As for shading, I'll just need a little swipe on my jawlines will do.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result and it's highly recommended to use on nude or light make-up. It's easy to blend and perfectly match on my skin; no patches after applying on top of my liquid foundation (using brush).

Find out more on www.marykay.com.my

**products are given for review purposes.

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