Quick Recipe: Seafood Party Platter

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Okay, this is the first time I open a food recipe here instead of tasting different types of food outside. I love cooking but I don't have so many people to call upon to finish all my dishes. So that's the reason that I rarely cook well for myself.

Not much ingredients left in my house: 7 prawns, 4 eggs, and tons of instant noodles... and I've decided to make myself a Seafood Party Platter for my Chef Nadia Lim's Mystery Bag Challenge. I believe many people will know how to do this!

I have limitations on budget as I can't purposely grab something for my ideal recipe and it has become a challenge. So, here's my ingredients for my simple and quick Seafood Party Platter:

The ingredients given for my Mystery Bag Challenge. I'm using all of them although it says at least 2.
7 Prawns
50g Smoked Salmon
70g Flavored flour
1 Egg
1 Handheld Breadcrumbs
1 Handheld Wafer-bites
10ml Classic Apple Juice
1tbsp Mayonnaise 

- Clean up and remove prawn shells include the intestine.
- Prepare 3 plates with stirred raw egg, breadcrumbs and flavored flour each.
- Dip each prawns with flavored flour > stirred raw egg mixture > breadcrumbs, and deep fried for 2-3 minutes.
- While deep-frying the prawns, roll each slice of smoked salmon, it'll looks like a small flower.

- Put 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise at the center of sauce plate.
- Pour the apple juice around the mayonnaise (you may opt for lemon juice if you like sourly taste)

Yes, I'm ready to eat now!

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