Just Blahs: Over-Relied on Technical Gadgets May Costs You Countless Damages

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Okay, here's the thing. I'm not sure whether I'm over used my laptop or I over relied on my laptop - for works, for assignments and of course my blog, here's the fact: My laptop crashed. The screen just "blackout" and I can't switch on ever..

Recently I'm only able to blog using my iPhone with lousy quality of pictures and horrible page alignments. I'll fix them once I have any chance to access my blog using computers or PC.

That's actually not the one I really care for. It's so hard to imagine that this could happen on me when it comes to such critical period: deadlines for my assignments! Not only one, but literally a lot! I've completed most of them and there are more to come next. If you think my assignments are can be solved using Microsoft Word or Power Point thingy, then you should think twice

Second, my paid software. Anti-Virus? Nah, not a big deal. 
But my video editing and audio mixing software that costed me a fortune for all of them. My assets, my treasure! 

Third, my portfolio. I'm a broadcasting and advertising students and it's extremely important to save all my masterpiece as my portfolio or future reference when I'm looking for related job. 

Forth, my saved files. Thousands of songs, videos, and pictures....

These damages are huge enough to make me cry for whole night.....

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