My 14 Weeks Journey with Liposonix: Goodbye Flabby Tummy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Before I start, do allow me to share some of my personal experience regarding my size. I’m quite a chubby girl since young and I had baby fats during my teenage years. To make things worse, I started gaining a lot of weight from stress when I started pursuing my tertiary education. Additionally, my unbalanced diet has caused me to gain a lot of weight and some water retention. I’ve tried lots of slimming treatments from different slimming centres and fitness classes but the results were not promising. My weight was exceeding 68kgs and I had no clue on how to get rid of my muffin top and stubborn fats.

We’ve heard a lot about liposuction, but have you heard of Liposonix? Unlike liposuction, Liposonix is a non-surgical treatment which uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to destroy unwanted abdominal fats beneath the surface (1.3cm in). This means that the results are not just superficial loss of water weight!

Generally, patients lose ONE pant-size after only ONE treatment. This treatment is particularly good for those who want to target a specific area with stubborn fats, like that one are that has been bugging you. I think the most common area for us girls is tummy and thighs.

Thankfully, Solta Medical, a pioneer and leader in medical aesthetics gave me the opportunity to undergo the Liposonix treatment at En-hanze Medical Aesthetics Centre, where I was treated by the very attentive Dr Angeline.

Firstly launched in Malaysia in June 2012 by Solta Medical, The Liposonix treatment is actually a very popular choice for fat reduction in the USA. I guess it’s so popular because besides the results, it’s a safe treatment (unlike surgeries) and its FDA approved.

The session started off with a detailed explanation on the science behind the treatment by Dr Angeline during the consultation. We discussed my concerns and how Liposonix would help me. I shared all my negative experiences with slimming treatments and my daily routine with no secrets to Dr Angeline and she seemed to understand them very well. She said it was a common problem from her experience with patients.

She explained that Liposonix destroys the fats cells beneath the skin layers and the fat cells are naturally disposed through your body’s natural process of detoxification or when you go to the toilet. Another plus point to this treatment is that the circumference loss will be gradual as your body eliminates the fats, so it will just look like natural weight loss.

She was really friendly, kind and patient with her advice and eased my worries about the treatment. She suggested that I should focus on my tummy area instead of my thigh area which has visible cellulites as treatment on the tummy will have more impactful results in terms of appearance and I gladly took her advice.

After the consultation, I was ushered into the treatment room and Dr Angeline started to mark boxes on my tummy area to form a grid. A total of 26 boxes were drawn on my tummy area. When I asked her what the boxes were for, she said that it’s to monitor the areas during the treatment so that the treatment would be done evenly on each spot. She advised me to stay a little longer so that the treatment could be done for my entire tummy area, instead of just the upper or lower section. I really appreciated how she didn’t mind me taking up more of her time; she was more concerned about results for me.

Using the handheld device, Dr Angeline activated the passes on my tummy according to the square boxes. Each pass gives out high intensity ultrasound, which feels like heat. The feeling of the heat intensifies as you go along, because the feeling of it accumulates. At certain areas closer to the bone, the passes were quite uncomfortable but Dr Angeline was adjusting the settings on the machine for lower intensity for areas that were more sensitive. So it’s really important for you to provide feedback to the doctor, and for the doctor to be attentive, lucky me!

 According to the doctor, different people have different tolerance for the treatment, so when a patient is comfortable then the intensity is increased while if the patient is not comfortable, they can decrease the intensity. The adjustment in intensity does not affect the final result though; it just determines how many times a pass needs to be done on a particular spot. So no worries if you are particularly sensitive!

What I particularly love about the treatment is that you come in, get your treatment and then leave and do your daily activities! There is no downtime to this, I had some light bruising on the treated area but otherwise, it was okay. Dr Angeline advised me to drink a lot of water after treatment to help with the natural process of fat elimination. Other than that, there’s no fussy aftercare which is great.


January 14, 2014

This is my progress six weeks after the treatment and I can see a slight improvement on my tummy area. I literally drank so much water and took good care of my diet. My tummy is flattening a bit. I am losing my muffin tops, I’m impressed!


January 31st, 2014


February 25th, 2014

Fourteen weeks now, and I’m so happy to hear plenty of compliments from my friends around me that I look slimmer. Less obvious muffin tops and I’m able to wear my old dresses and pants back! Although there’s still some tummy fat left, but the changes are definitely visible. I’ll continue to control my diet for better results.

Lastly, I would recommend this treatment to those of you who would like to target certain areas of your body which are hard to trim even with exercise or dieting.

Thank you Solta Clinic and En-hanze Medical Aesthetic Centre! My dream has finally come true for a trimmer tummy.

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  1. wow.. nice there. Good to see have results.

    1. Thanks Sherry, in fact, my tummy is not so "keras" now and my eating portion has cut down alot... I'll continue to make it slimmer and slimmer.

    2. Go great o see you get slimmer for health and outlook too!
      Jia You! I als On Diet Plan

  2. How much is the cost? :o jelly! >.<