Malaysian Artiste Yu Heng Shares Her Testimony and Beauty Tips of Frēshel

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This great news is meant for the modern women with busy lifestyles. Same thing comes to Yu Heng, Malaysia singer-songwriter, who is well known for her unique singing voice and artistic personality. Finally had a chance to meet her in person without any fans screaming and kacau-ing, and yes, she still looks stunning after getting married! Yu Heng is the Malaysian Ambassador of Japanese skin care brand Frēshel.

Being busy with your life doesn’t mean you can’t give your skin what it deserves. Frēshel introduces All-In-One Gel, a 5-in-1 multifunctional moisturizing gel that merges beauty essence, lotion, emulsion, cream and moisturizing make up base into one bottle.

During that launch, Yu Heng claimed that she doesn’t like to complicate things and prefers to keep it simple in life. So when it comes to beauty, the most important thing to her is skincare, especially hydration. That’s why she picked Frēshel All-In-One Gel.

It comes in three formulas – whitening, hydrating and extra hydrating – allowing you to choose the most suitable formula for your skin. At the same time, it makes skincare even more precise through its easy usage. 

Besides, followed by Frēshel Mineral BB Cream is recommended to use after the All-In-One Gel. These products are fulfilling Frēshel’s beauty philosophy of giving high-quality skincare to maintain beautiful skin even in your busy life and travelling too.

Frēshel Time Saving Skincare Series is now available exclusively in Watsons Malaysia. Click onto Frēshel Malaysia’s FacebookPage to find out more!

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