Kumamono 熊の食 @ Sungai Wang Plaza

Friday, March 07, 2014

It’s been a while that I didn't manage to hunt for something funky, especially food. In fact, I was totally attracted by its bear palm printed bun – too cute to eat! Fengjia night market, Taiwan’s recent public favorites, Kumamono 熊の食 is now open in Sungai Wang Plaza!

The main outlet is linked with U-Café and located in between The Body Shop and Secret Recipe.

So, how to order?
Step 1) - Choose your KumaBun (milk, brown sugar, whole grain, squid ink, strawberry, yam)
Step 2) - Pick your meat (Karaage Crispy Chicken, Karaage Spicy Crispy Chicken, Oishii Fish Fillet, Japanese Octopus, Plain Veggie)
Step 3) - Select Sauce!

Six different flavors of KumaBun

Drinks choices in Combo Set - Passion fruit Green Tea, Berry Bear Soda, Blended Mango Jelly with Mango

Kumamono also set up another express counter at Bulan Entrance (Yellow Zone), Sungai Wang Plaza as well, right next to U-Village Hong Kong Restaurant!

Although both of them are hailed from Taiwan, here are some tips that you can differentiate on its appearance:

- Shape of the bun
Bear Paw
熊手包 - 3 paws
熊鱼食 Kumamono - 5 paws

- Shape of the paws
Bear Paw
熊手包 - triangular shape
熊鱼食 Kumamono - plum shape

Do check out for more information @ https://www.facebook.com/KumamonoMalaysia

Do drop by and have a try!

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