Kanebo Lunasol Celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

As I mentioned before, Kanebo Lunasol has faithfully brought the latest concept and products to bring out ladies’ elegance and taste every season. To commemorate this important 15-year landmark, Lunasol will be launching15th Anniversary Makeup Palette to provide an even easier way to have fun with Lunasol.

Here we are, at the newly opened Kampachi Plaza 33, discovering the journey through the beauty of Japan, and the same beauty which formed Kanebo Lunasol for the past 15 years…

The art of how Japanese arranging cut stems, leaves and flowers in vases and under containers. Heika and Moriana are the major types of Ikebana.

I believe you’ve fold paper swans or paper planes. This Japanese pastime tradition enables to create multi shapes like animals or plants by using a single square paper.

An art of cloth wrapping traditional skills that used to transport or carry goods, clothes and gifts.

Something similar with Chinese GuZheng, Korean gayageum, it is a horizontal-shaped musical instrument. Mostly the rhythm and pitches are more likely sharps and flats, it portrays the speciality of Japanese traditional music.

Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Make-up Palette    |    RM368
A passion for every color and the insistence on perfect texture that has been sought after by KANEBO LUNASOL for the past 15 years. Including a beige that is deeper than any other color, a 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette will enable you to apply full makeup. The palette brings out the beauty of the skin by freely using different beige tones, leading you to encounter a new you when the makeup has been completed.

Models and Mr. Masahiro Yamasaki, CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia
In celebration of Kanebo Lunasol's 15th Anniversary, there are 15 different Lunasol products to be given away for 15 days beginning from 25th March 2014 to 8 April 2014. Click on this link and remember to fill in your deets to the Lunasol Daily Win Tab http://bit.ly/lunasolMY15 

Kanebo Passport Contest
Kanebo Lunasol is generous enough giving out a trip for two to Japan! All you have to do is just follow these simple steps:
- Spend RM400 and above of Kanebo products and receive ONE stamp
- Collect 10 stamps in total.
- Submit your completed Kanebo Passport (with 10 stamps) to a Kanebo counter near you and you'll be entitled to join the Kanebo Passport lucky draw.

You may earn BONUS stamp when you purchase any of the Anniversary items. Kindly visit http://goo.gl/CwdFAi for contest's terms and conditions.

And of course, we're well hosted with scrumptious Japanese meals for lunch! Also, a great time to keep in touch with my lovely bloggers and social media influencers!

Besides, coming up next in May, Kanebo Lunasol will launch its Spring / Summer Collection 2014.

Happy 15th Birthday Kanebo Lunasol!

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