#FMFA2014 The Ultimate Guidelines: All You Need To Know About Them

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I believe everyone are pretty excited about #FMFA2014 because tomorrow is the day! Music Safarians will be heading to the same destination from all over the world to Bukit Jalil National Stadium to spot this awesome global music scene, which gathers more than 50 local and international acts under the same roof! I'm excited, I'm anticipating and I know you guys are feeling the same too. I'll here to show #FMFA2014 Festival Guides and also your wristband rules and regulations.

Nah... I'm not gonna show any survival kits 101 stuffs here as I believe everyone who get used to attending concerts has major knowledge and safety.

#FMFA2014 Festival Guide

There will be FOUR (4) stages and one First Class VIP Arena await your visit!
- Stage 1 (Future Music Arena)
- Stage 2 (Future Live Arena)
- Stage 3 (Haunted House Arena by Asahi)
- Stage 4 (Mixmag Arena)

- DAY 1 -

- DAY 2 -

- DAY 3 -

All stages will be open for safarians to rock the stage!! Much anticipating for this massive scene! It's been a while I'm off from these concerts... Really? I thought I was just attended heinekken Thirst last December?

Clear for all the stages guides? I'm gonna popping to next session, which is more important for attendees...

#FMFA2014 Wristband Guide

#FMFA2014 will be implementing a RFID wristband system. Please be advised that FMFA practices a strict NO RE-ENTRY policy for safety and security reasons. Bring along your physical or electronic tickets along with a photo ID like identification cards, driving license, passport, etc.

There will be three types of RFID equipped wristbands. Each wristband is unique to you only and is synced to your ticket’s serial number. No replacements will be given if wristbands are found to have been forcibly removed. 

A) Single Day Wristbands 

B) Weekend Passes Wristbands
- Bear in mind that you'll be wearing a three-day RFID wristband on your first visit. 
- DO NOT remove your wristbands after you've done with Day 1 concert because you'll need that wristbands to gain your Day 2 and Day 3 entrance. 
(means, you sleep, you eat, you bath, you poop, you pee.... make sure your wristband's is well chained on your hands!)
 - If you have been tagged with your three-day wristband on Day 1, head over to the express entry lanes on Day 2 and Day 3. 
- If you are a weekend pass holder and could not attend Day 1, you will need to head to the normal entry lanes to obtain your wristband.

C) VIP Weekend Passes
VIP entrance is located at Carpark C of the Bukit Jalil National Stadium showgrounds (near the arch). 
- Alternatively, there are also two lanes dedicated for VIP entry at the General entrance (near the LRT station)
To access the First Class Arena, security will again require you to tap on the RFID reader at its entrance. Re-entry is allowed at the First Class Arena
- Also, DO NOT remove your wristbands after you've done with Day 1 concert because you'll need that wristbands to gain your Day 2 and Day 3 entrance. 

** Your RFID wristbands also come equipped with a cashless system which will allow you to purchase drinks at bars located at the general areas simply by tapping your wristband at the dedicated Cashless Lanes. Top Up booth will be set around the corner in order for you to reload your wristband.

** All types of wristbands are strictly NON-transferable. Wristbands found to have been forcibly removed or lost will not be replaced.

#FMFA2014 Makan Guide

Some food booths may accept cash term, or else you're required heading to wristband top up booth and top up your value into your RFID wristband, from RM1 to RM100.

#FMFA2014 MyRapid Service Extension

Come with public transportation? Worried on about how to go back after the show late night? Since the entrance is just right in front of the LRT Bukit Jalil Station entrance, MyRapid team is fully supporting this massive event of the year!

The extended times are as follows:

March 13 (Thursday)
Normal LRT services until midnight and followed by special LRT shuttle service from Bukit Jalil to Bandar Tasik Selatan until 12.30am

March 14 (Friday) & March 15 (Saturday)
Normal LRT services until midnight and followed by special LRT shuttle service from Bukit Jalil to Bandar Tasik Selatan until 3am.
RapidKL will also be providing buses for special shuttle service from Bandar Tasik Selatan to KL Sentral from 11.30pm to 3.30am throughout the three days.

Driving but don't want to park at the festive ground area? You may park your vehicles at the 
Bandar Tasik Selatan station and hop on the LRT to the festival grounds, it's FREE!

Taxis and Rapid KL buses (chargeable service) would also be on standby at the Bandar Tasik Selatan station to transfer you back to various key locations around the city.

** LRT shuttle service from Bukit Jalil to Bandar Tasik Selatan is only costs RM 0.70


I know it'll be a lil fussy but the organizers are trying to make sure everything is safe and sound. Remember, be careful for your personal belongings and valuable items and lastly... HAVE FUN!

If you see me, pop by and say hi to me! Let's Rumble the Jungle!

(** all graphics and pictures posted above are credited to FMFA & Livescape Asia. More detailed rules and regulations please visit FMFA's Facebook Page and Official Website)

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