[Tried and Tested] Alessandro Striplac: Easy DIY Gel UV Nail Polish

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ever think of not spending a fortune for gel manicure at professional salon? Feeling extremely fussy to remove gel nail polishes? Well, I do have the same concern like you and I really did imagine that how awesome my life can be if I only need to peel them off quickly and efficiently. But what makes me hardly to know that my dream has come true!! There's really something in our beauty world could make our life easier!

Striplac is the world's only nail polish that lasts substantially longer than conventional nail polish, will not crack and requires no solvents or acetone for removal. It can be simply peeled from the nail when the colour is meant to be changed or you feel like changing it and it's nonetheless a nail polish and not a foil. Striplac consists of an elastic and flexible plastic that is absolutely unbreakable and shatterproof. And, once peeled off, the bare natural nail underneath is left healthy and undamaged.

Twin Coat. Do it like as a base or top coat!
I dare to say, Striplac is for women, who do not want nail sculpting or UV manicures, but rather a long-lasting, crack-resistant finish that they can remove by themselves. Striplac is extremely easy to apply without any experience that gives salon like results at no drying time.

• Quick Peel Off without acetone or nail polish remover
• Lasts up to 10 days
• No drying time / cures in 60 seconds in the LED device
• Glossy finish right up to the very last day
• Scratch-proof – no chipping
• Protects and strengthens the natural nail
• Easy application
• Consumer-qualified: HQME-free (HQME is contained in Professional UV Products and therefore not suitable for consumers)

Peel off UV Nail Polish     |     RM60 
Consist of 24 trendy and vibrant colors that meet the individual taste of every woman, always perfectly matched to every outfit. The colours convince with their creamy consistency for effortless application. The Twin Coat does not only function as a base coat, but also as a top coat to seal with an extra dose of shine.

Striplac Starter Kit     |    RM510
The Starter Kit is the perfect foundation in the Striplac UV manicure. It contains all the essential tools for perfectly polished nails. Buy it once and benefit for a long time. The Starter Kit includes:
- 1x Twin Coat, 8ml
- 1x Colour No. 12 (Classical Red), 8ml
- 1x LED-Device
- 1x Cleansing Pads
- 1x 4-step Multifunction-File*
- 1x Cuticle Pusher

The LED device
I've invited to join their tryout session and launch party at Sephora KLCC last week. First hand to experience it!

My choice of the day, Wild Safari
Few days later I felt like peeling it off and I found that's ridiculously easy! All I have to do is to apply the Peel Off Activator and it peels off effortlessly without damaging your nail and cuticles.

Tempted to get one of these? Why not to get their Starter Kit first? This is making all of us getting crazy! Alessandro Striplac is recently available at Sephora KLCC but will expand soon to all Sephora stores.

For more information, you may click on Alessandro Striplac's Official Website.

Aha, here's some fun things. During the launch at Sephora KLCC, a magnificent pole dancing session was performed and I'm totally amazed of Pamela's pole-dancing skills! It's really hard to do these stunts and I salute her effort!

So, Striplac-tors, Would you want one of these at home?

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is, and it doesn't spoil my cuticles!

  2. too easy to remove? waw we should try it

    1. Hi Miss Ika, yes you should, perhaps I'm not sure whether they still have the tryout counter at Sephora KLCC. Drop by and feel it!

  3. wow striplac looks amazing
    but the price I can't afford ><"
    thanks for your great sharing