Just Blahs: Mosquitoes Issue

Thursday, February 06, 2014


I'm not sure whether I'm kind of insensitive or is it the amount of mosquitoes flying around for "food" is increasing rapidly? Heard of many people around me were detected dengue fever and I saw lotsa FB posts complaining about "mosquitoes". Well, do they come in "seasonal" or people are actually lack of anti-mosquitoes breeding precautions?

As I know, mosquitoes love to breed and highly active in humid areas, especially tropical countries like Malaysia. Mostly female mosquitoes need bloods for their eggs; and they're able to survive from 2 weeks until up to 8 months depends on different species and environment. I was kind of shock after found out that some mosquitoes can actually live that long... yikes.

Probably you may not noticed much mosquitoes flying around in cool weathers or rainy days. Hot, sunny day can actually triggers mosquitoes to hunt for food and perfect for breeding. If you hate them sucking your blood, please make sure that you do your part to avoid them - keep humid area dry and pour unused waters on the pots.

Lastly, be cool and stay healthy.

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