Kanebo Lunasol Celebrates 15th Anniversary with its Limited Edition Make-up Palette

Sunday, February 16, 2014

For the past 15 years, Lunasol has faithfully brought the latest concept and products to bring out ladies’ elegance and taste every season. To commemorate this important 15-year landmark, Lunasol will be launching 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette to provide an even easier way to have fun with Lunasol.

Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Make-up Palette    |    RM368
A passion for every color and the insistence on perfect texture that has been sought after by KANEBO LUNASOL for the past 15 years. Including a beige that is deeper than any other color, a 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette will enable you to apply full makeup. The palette brings out the beauty of the skin by freely using different beige tones, leading you to encounter a new you when the makeup has been completed.
It's an awesome make-up to go essential for those beauty junkies who love earth-tone make-up. This palette will be in store nationwide on March 2014. So, be sure to get yourself one if you like it.

Swatches of eye shadow colours, from left to right.
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Happy 15th Birthday Kanebo Lunasol!

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  1. Wow, nice makeup set! www.celestechoo.com

  2. i love the shades and the colour. but looking at the price it give me a big GULP!

    1. Innanie, it depends. Since it's a limited edition, I'm sure there must be reasons that worth the price.