KakaoTalk Chats Up Malaysia!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Yup, I know you guys have been noticed about numerous yellow ads in public and also some great BigBang (international ambassador) and Yuna (Malaysia) ambassador pictures. KakaoTalk, the world’s first mobile social platform makes its official entry in Malaysia, promising users an experience of epic proportions. Having cemented its position as ‘the smart connecter’ in native South Korea, KakaoTalk is leading a revolution to transform the way Malaysians communicate across multiple platforms within the mobile social ecosystem.

Apart from connecting KakaoTalk users to their friends and family, the platform also allows users to interact with their favourite brands and personalities, even movie and music superstars, in real time. Available as a free to download and use application, KakaoTalk also features a fully localised user interface that has been specially customised for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows based phones, as well as Bada operating systems and a PC application.

The launch took place at The Bee, Publika and saw an exciting array of performances that brought to life the concept of “epic together-gether”. Guests were privileged to watch the first ever screening of the new KakaoTalk TVC. Following the viewing, guests were ushered to buggies that shuttled them around Publika to experience life’s “epic together-gether” moments.

The epic KakaoTalk buggy ride surprised guests with a series of flash mobs that showcased the various ways KakaoTalk brings people together – a surprise proposal, a people-powered message showcase, a drum circle and a dance mob.

Offering users a wide range of content and services including mobile messaging, personal scheduler, business marketing, commerce, games, digital content, fashion and music, KakaoTalk made waves in South Korea when it transformed from a free mobile messaging service into an innovative social platform in just 4 years. For the first time, businesses, developers and content creators were able to connect and engage directly with consumers, in real-time in the mobile social sphere.

KakaoTalk offers the following features for users in Malaysia:

Plus Friend - Designed to allow users to select and receive content related to their favourite brands, companies and personalities, Plus Friend extends the scope of conversations beyond individuals. Plus Friend offers users the opportunity to connect and engage with their favourite celebrity personalities and brands, as well as provide marketers with a highly targeted customer base. With approximately 177 million Plus Friends users (friends) registered globally interacting with brands and celebrities / personalities, the feature is now powered to support use as a corporate mobile page.

Emoticons - The industry’s first animated emoticon service; Emoticon allows users to express their thoughts and emotions in a fun-loving way by sending animated characters along with any message. Users can all choose to send soundcons (emoticons with sound) which feature popular phrases from TV programs.

Games - Supporting Android and iOS operating systems, Kakao Game is designed for users to compete against their friends on the KakaoTalk platform. Game developers who utilise Kakao SDK to develop content for users stand to benefit from the KakaoTalk platform.

For more information, visit www.kakao.com/talk/en.

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