Instagram Updates No.1 - CNY2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oookay, this is odd, awfully less.

To be honest with you, I don't really like to take pictures, perhaps t gives me a very good opportunity to remember it in your mind and heart as long as you can (train your memories!) But I would love to share the reasons why I'm posting this, and well, this is my first Instagram updates on my blog. I hope you guys love it!

- from left to right, up to down -

  • Like I mentioned on Instagram, "Ti Kong Sheh", which means God's Birthday / Hokkien New Year, falls on every 9th day on the first month of Lunar Calendar. I'm the typical Penang-lang and this is the tradition that my family won't miss, and I believe I'll do so in the future. During eve, we'll prepare lots of fruits and holy papers and of course, two tall sugar canes as well. We set up the praying table as high as we could where people believe that neared to God. Tons of firecrackers and fireworks will be lighten up everywhere when the clock strikes at 11pm (first hour of Lunar clock) / 12am on 9th day of CNY.
  • Unfortunately, I don't buy any new year dress this year. But luckily my mom got me this dress and I'm totally fall for it. With two striking neon spring colours, I can wear it in both sides, whether you want to see more magenta in front or more neon orange in front. Tied up with a thin brown belt with heels makes me look slimmer!
  • Decoration? Haha, I'm quite surprised that the lantern nowadays spins when the lights on. This means spin for luck and fortune. Bought a pair for our new house since my family are recycling old lanterns for three years (yes, the old lanterns still look good though).
  • Reunion dinner! My family usually won't cook for reunion dinner instead of preparing steamboat. Look at these fresh seafood, canned mushrooms and veggies! 
  • This picture was taken from my friend's Instagram and she tagged me. Three of us have been knowing each other for couple of years and we still stay connected even we're separated. Knowing Rin (middle) since year '06 and besties with Yogie (right) for a decade! Planned to have a great girls night out on 3rd day of CNY at Autocity, Penang.
  • Change my hair colour into wine red! Super duper fall of such illusion when the sun shines! I always want to paint my hair red and my wish has come true!

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