Coffee Break at Cafe 55, Penang

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I guess my mom is even trendier than me. I don't even realized that there's actually a cafe which serves 3D art coffee in Penang. She told me that her friend Instagram-ed a picture of 3D Coffee and showed her the picture earlier. So since I was back to hometown last week for a short break plus my sister had a day-off, we've decided to search for this cafe.

Hidden in the centre heart of Heritage City, Georgetown (I'd actually drove all the way from mainland to Penang island only for this cafe. So I would said that it's a family outing; my mom, my sister and I), the ambience of Cafe 55 is basically remains its style which is vintage. Unlike those ordinary cafes in town recently which are most likely well-built or renovated. Even the benches and tables are very "kopitiam style" which make me feels like I'm back to the 90's.

Cafe 55 started its business in May 2013, where's 3D art coffee trend just gone viral internationally. (I think I did write an article of 3D Art coffee here) Cafe 55 conbimes 2 shoplots and they serve wines and dishes too!
Pitchers with full of milk froth / foam are ready to make the 3D sculpture. 

Steven, the barista who's mainly in charge of making 3D art coffee, but of course the shop owner and manager can make it too.

The one which I've highlighted in red are the drinks which available for 3D coffee art. Preferably double shot based coffee.

We've ordered four different drinks to simply tried out the coffee itself but also wondering how long does the 3D foam sculpture stays. (I know some of them literally can't). I as the ex-coffee barista, to make the 3D foam sculpture stays as long as it can, you need to steam a good foam (not bubble).

All 4 drinks came with 4 different 3D foam sculptures! Or I shall say, it's cutier and cutier as it serves individually. Not much wait, it only took a maximum of 5 minutes to get it done.

My mom ordered Vanilla Latte, and there's a special name drawn on the coffee just for her! I'm so jelly!

I knew my sister's order was the last one to be served. She had pins and needles to wait her hot chocolate arriv1e
Let me introduce my all-mighty Godmother, Elaine. She ordered hazelnut coffee.

As for myself, the classic cafe latte of course!

Pictures that I collaged and posted on Instagram.

Speasking about it's coffee, it's not that bad actually and I'm well impressed the barista managed to maintain the coffee quality and making such a great art. Well, it takes lots of heart and creativity and most importanly, the barista itself need to be passionate on coffee. We definately feel that!

Cafe 55 Peanag is located at Lorong Stewart, 10300 Penang, opens from 8.30am to 10.30am daily.
You may check on Cafe 55's Facebook for more information. 

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