Ashley's 2013 Beauty Favourites

Friday, January 03, 2014

Goodbye 2013 and I'm pretty sure everyone of us do shopping especially beauty stuffs. I've hunted lotsa new beauty products and different result are shown after reviewing literally all of them. Well, to be honest, I've sum up my real, real, REAL favourites which great enough to represent my first annual favourites in year 2013 (don't worry, I'll still ongoing for my monthly favourites project).

I did have lot's of favourite products and I wish to show them all. Somehow I'll just downsized them into my Top 8 items which makes me willing to spend on these items.

My favourites!

Skin Care


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II - RM355 (50ml)  Totally experienced different level of skin purification after its improved formula compared with the previous version! My skin is plumper, more hydrated and I've no longer afraid of facing skin cell damage as it tends to repair and purify your skin very well. Although it's a night repair serum, but I did use during daytime, blending with my liquid foundation for a better hydrating flawless effect!


Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More® Intensolution® - RM179 (120ml)  I know everybody get scared of me of why I'm so loaded enough to get those pricey stuff. As I said, I always have my way to get whatever I want in lower price. I believe this is my third bottle as I started using it in early 2013. Deeply impressed by its double cleansing results, the Intensolution also helps to kill germs and face scars and detox your face. You might feel some tingling effect of there's any open scars on your face. It heals pretty fast and also acts like a quick savior if you accidentally scratched your pimples.
*this product contains a small percentage of alcohol, but non-drying skin


Caudalie Eau de Raisin Grape Water - RM60 (200ml)  What can I say more about its good? This is way far then "good", I should say it's the best for my skin! You may treat it as a toner, face mist, or spring water as it refreshen your skin every single time. Highly contains anti-oxidant grape extract and boosts your skin hydration up to 127%. Plus, if you accidentally scratched your face or neck, one simple spray can decrease the redness in a short while!



Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Sebum - RM34.90 (300ml)  I'm a super frequent user for make-up remover so that's why I'm looking for some affordable ones yet oil-free. I was once introduced by SASA salesgirl when I had my CNY holiday in Penang and I'm so urgent;y need a make-up remover (I forgot to bring my make-up remover back to Penang). Suitable for oily and combination skin like me, it cleanses all colours and make-up on my face and it even works for waterproof mascara (only if you need to clean a few times repeatedly or switch them to eye make-up remover).


Skin79 Complete CC Cream (Correct) - RM99  A very light touch-up yet flawless colour correcting effect on my skin! I did a review on my blog for this product and it does a pretty amazing job on my skin. I don't feel something "thick" on my face instead of natural nude make-up.


Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner - RM49.90  It has literally become my beauty must-haves for my quick make-up routine. I don't really like to use waterproof make-up items but as long as it's smudge-proof will do. You may draw thin and thick eyeliners and you don't have to repeat application. I did a review for this product as well.


Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze - RM19.90  On the go of cream shadow base? This works well for both! Thank God that Maybelline has come out with this such amazing and affordable cream shadow and I really, really love it. I'm still waiting for more colours. I do own other cream shadows from other brands and I love them too. Somehow, this one is just made everyone soooo crazy!


Bobbi Brown Date Night Lip & Eye Palette - RM135  Yay! I planned to get something small but all-in-one kit for so long and Bobbi Brown Malaysia team gifted me one as my Christmas present! It has become my super savior when I attend night events without going back home for changing or make-ups. Lotsa love for this palette!

So, what's your 2013 beauty favourites? Drop me your link (if you blog) or tell me your ideas on my comment area!

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