Who Will be The Influencer? A TV Reality Show for Online Personalities!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

PersonEdge, a partner of Lowyat MSC, in collaboration with Nokia Malaysia, launched ‘The Influencer’, an online reality show in search for the most influential online personality in Malaysia. The show will be streamed online to Lowyat.NET’s 1 million unique visitors, beginning Friday, 6 December 2013.

The competition will feature online personalities from the lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, dance and technology industries, and will be hosted on Lowyat.TV. The show will feature 10 renowned online personalities battling for the ultimate title – “The Influencer”.
Choo Mei Sze co-founder of PersonEdge, Eda from Nokia Pan Asia, VJ from Lowyat MSC S/B

Contestants will be trained to be an all-rounded online personality as most of them are too comfortable with their own platform. Thus, this competition allows them to discover their hidden talents beyond their comfort zone, in both online and offline platform, which will build the credibility and importance of online personalities in Malaysia.

The contestants include Cheeserland, Vernon Chan, Ben Ashaari, Kelly Chin, Rebecca Saw, Ami Schaheera, Karen Kho, Jacklyn Gan, Ah Bok and dancer Chriz Ooi, who will all be using the Nokia Lumia 1520 to empower themselves through six different challenges: technology, beauty, food, fitness, fashion and travel.

The winner of ‘The Influencer’ will be rewarded cash prizes as well as products. Other sponsors include Konji International, Love Bonito, Lansi, Storekini.com and Kenanga Wholesale City.

There will be more soon, stay tuned on every Friday starting 6th December 2013 on Lowyat.TV! Check out this amazing teaser HERE 

Lowyat.TV, a streaming portal established in 2013, is by Malaysia’s largest online community, Lowyat.NET. Various types of videos such as tutorials, reviews and accompanying featured articles are made available to Lowyat.NET’s online community.

Supporting my besties! Kelly, Vernon, Rebecca, Karen!! You got my full support here!

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