Vgen’s HGC: An All In One Formula For The Asian Working Woman

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Fighting an ongoing battle with dry, aging, or unevenly toned skin? Introducing HGC from V-gen; the new anti-ageing, whitening and moisturizing formula that has been designed to combat the specific skin care problems of Asian women.

Dubbed the “Complete Lightening Formulation” by Vgen, HGC actually stands for Hyaluronic Acid, Gluthathione, and Vitamin C, all of which are ingredients well known worldwide for being able to improve skin. Skincare aficionados will be familiar with Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient that provides continuous moisture to the skin. This produces a supple and bouncy fresh feel, which is supplemented by the Glutathione element and its skin lightening effects. An addition of Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, makes HGC the ultimate formula for improving your skin.

What may also surprise you is that this is a formula not just for your skin, but for your body too. For example, the Glutathione in this formula has a high level of antioxidants that help detoxify the body, energize your mind and prepare your overall being for long days ahead. 

Formulated in Japan, the formula is also easy to consume: users have a choice of toting sachets with them on the commute to work and consuming it in powder form, or after breakfast, mixing it with water to create a light and fruity drink. When consumed daily, results can come within one week, after which users will feel their skin become more supple and soft.

I received a box of 1-month supply VGen to try out, so stay tuned for my review ya! Thank you VGen's HGC!

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