[Tips and Tricks] Shelf Life for Your Make-Up Products

Monday, December 16, 2013

Here's something that every beauty junkies should know...

Quoted from Bobbi Brown, a good quality makeup and makeup tools are an investment—it’s like a wardrobe for your face and skin that you wear every day. By taking care of the items, you get a better return on the investment. Also, by regularly cleaning your makeup tools your skin will be cleaner and reduce the likelihood of breakouts. 

And what better time to take stock of your beauty kit than on the cusp of a New Year? Elle USA kindly broke it all down in this cute little no-nonsense guide. So print this out, stick it up on your wall and have your trash can at the ready!

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  1. if i'm not mistaken mascara shelf life is between 3 month- 6month