The Ultimate Collection by Asprey for La Mer + La Mer the Boucheron

Monday, December 02, 2013

The Ultimate Collection by Asprey for La Mer
This Holiday season, La Mer has commissioned British luxury goods brand, Asprey, to create a bespoke limited edition vanity case. Both brands renowned for creating luxurious products of the highest quality, it seemed natural for La Mer to appoint Asprey to create this exquisite piece of luggage, encompassing deluxe design and legendary skin care products.

Asprey, a purveyor of British luxury goods for over 230 years, Asprey crafts products using the highest quality materials, endeavoring to perfectly realize any concept with a talented design team. The 2013 Holiday season sees La Mer’s collaboration with renowned artist Yellena James, who drew inspiration from the ocean to create an elegant limited-edition design for La Mer’s coveted Holiday collections. Intricately
embossed in Asprey’s calfskin leather, the vanity case features James’design, capturing the essence of La Mer’s sea heritage.

Created for the ultimate La Mer devotee, the specially made vanity case opens to reveal a curated selection of La Mer’s coveted creams and skincare treatments. Only 111 cases have been crafted: each features a plaque etched with its edition* and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, making this bespoke La Mer collection a highly treasured item.

The Ultimate Collection Bespoke Vanity Case by Asprey for La Mer, price exquiry within at the La Mer stores.
- The Moisturizing Cream, 60ml
- The Eye Concentrate, 15ml
- The Regenerating Serum, 30ml
- The Concentrate, 50ml
- The Hydrating Facial, (1 mask)
- The Lip Balm, 9g
- The Hand Treatment, 100ml
- The Hydrating Infusion, 100ml
- The Cleansing Lotion, 200ml

As it's limited numbers worldwde, it's really worth for collection eventhough you're not plan to use them. Wanna know how awesome Asprey is, Google it!

La Mer the Boucheron
Celebrating exceptional style, creativity and luxury, La Mer collaborates with legendary French jeweller, Boucheron, to create a limited-edition mother-of-pearl jar.

Designed to house the original, coveted Crème de la Mer*, this striking jar will be available exclusively for the Holiday season.

Inspired by both La Mer’s and Boucheron’s rich heritage, each impeccably crafted jar is embellished with Boucheron’s signature gold-plated “Clous de Paris”and finished with a blue cabochon, evocative of the sea.

With only ten numbered jars in the world, the case features a vermeil plate engraved to identify each unique piece. This stunning creation encapsulates beauty and opulence, for the ultimate gift.

*Crème de la Mer included is 100ml in size

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  1. I like the packaging of La Mer the Boucheron, so classy and elegant!

    1. Halo 比比, thanks for your visit again! Yeah really glam and worth for collection.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sabrina, really exquisite! Really glam and.... Pretty pricey. But it's worth for personal collection!