Teint Couture by Givenchy - The New Timeless Foundation

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wondering where to find beauty essentials that able to give you a flawless complextion for long period? I know everyone of us dreaming of having a perfect complexion who goes with us everywhere, all day and into the night. Nicolas Degennes is making that dream come true with a new must-have in the Givenchy makeup range, a genuine Teint Couture foundation with made-to-measure coverage and long hold. A radiant, flawless complexion, a smooth, satiny finish, all while remaining natural, true to yourself… 

Luxurious and yet easy to apply, comfortable and nearly indiscernible, natural and lustrous, Teint Couture offers perfect hold in two versions: a chiffon-light fluid and an ethereal compact powder accompanied by a pink-tinged brightener. A duo that goes beyond perfection to achieve a lastingly beautiful complexion with an exclusive atomisation technology and an application method that adapts to each woman who uses it. Both of these new generation formulas have been fine-tuned to guarantee impeccable hold and an ultra-light feel for an ideal balance on the skin.

Far from being just another long-hold formula, Teint Couture is a new way of thinking about foundation. The answer to every woman’s wish for a silken, invisible effect, with a second-skin, no-buildup finish, lustrous and decidedly Haute Couture.

Long-Wearing Fluid Foundation
A balancing act, combining long hold with comfort and a light feel. It wasn’t easy, but Givenchy did it!
- Active ingredients with a strong affinity for the skin’s surface provide “magnetic” adherence, becoming one with the contours of the face while remaining supple. Made-to-measure coverage and an ultra-light texture for long-lasting hold.
- Soft-focus agents visually refine the skin’s texture and conceal imperfections.
- A hydro-magnetic complex moisturises and rebalances the skin cells day after day, helping them withstand everyday stress factors. And, for added protection, an SPF20 sunscreen.

The complexion is perfectly smoothed, unified and lustrous, with a satiny, natural finish. Imperfections are concealed with no excess buildup. Teint Couture dresses up the skin with perfect coverage and hold that lasts up to 15 hours!

The Long-Wearing Compact
A highly sophisticated product whose application is child’s play — even women who say they don’t know how to use foundation are going to be surprised!
- An exclusive atomisation technology guarantees an ultra-soft, ultra-fine texture, uniform and modulable, for a made-to-measure second-skin effect with no sensation of excess buildup. The formula contains a non-occlusive siliconised polymer that anchors the foundation, guaranteeing perfect hold all day and into the night.
- A mica-silica complex with concealing effects tones down any unsightly imperfections.
- A skin beautifying blend, with antioxidant Vitamin E and an SPF 10 sunscreen.
- A special brightener formulated with pink pigments and incredibly pure pearlescent particles that are perfectly compatible with the foundation’s texture for a flawless finish.

A perfectly, lastingly unified complexion with a silky, velvety finish and a bare skin feel — and that remains impeccable all day long!

Teint Couture gives women the skin they’ve dreamed about: smooth and radiant, natural and yet glamorous, enlivened with subtle touches of light. creating a made-to-measure complexion. Avialble at major Givenchy Beauty counters nationwide! I'm gonna get mine too!

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  1. Looks so gorgeous~ I wonder how much will the price be haha.

    1. Hi Syaza,

      Well, to be honest, the price for Givenchy Beauty is slightly highr than Chanel and Dior. I own a couple of Givenchy products and they're doing a very good job on creating light flawless complexion. I'll definately check them out and review about them.